Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence Tight Top and Camel Toe Reveals the Shape of Things to Come

Oh, lucky lucky day. And residual blessings to the inventor of those skin tight yoga pants.

Let's begin upstairs, shall we? Wherein our belusted Jennifer Lawrence wore an unusually form fitting see-through workout top to reveal her chesty goodness, her vastly underrated buxomness mostly because she rarely flaunts it, but when we get even a hint of that full top, we immediately empty our tanks.

And, those bottoms, skin tight around every wonderful curve and cleave of the region of Jennifer's body we simply refer to as 'heaven pie'. Just a chance to sneak a peek into the doorway of our dreams, well, that's our kind of workout.

Jennifer Lawrence, you are one good looking woman. Enjoy.

Jennifer Lawrence Flies Her Faptastic Funbags Out of the U.S. and Heads to Paris Fashion Week

Jennifer Lawrence might try to hide it for her PG movie career, but there's no denying that this smoking hot blonde thespianic has some killer tubes and, someday, if the four-thousand candles I've lit ever work, we will see those amazing funbags bare and in all their glory.

But, for now, we just follow, and ogle, and sketch her amazing curves, which Jennifer took to LAX on her way out to Paris for Fashion Week, where when in the City of Light, Jennifer showed up at the Ritz Hotel in another innocent, but busy revealing outfit, just reminding everyone that sweet curves on a woman never ever hurt her career.

Someday, Jennifer, we shall be together as one -- one person in clothes that is, me, taking your nekkid photos, maybe on lava rocks or piles of Oscar Meyer Turkey Bologna or something like that. It will be epic. Enjoy.

Jennifer Lawrence Flashing Her Big Bra and Curvy Buttockals at Fancy Shmancy Beverly Hills Hotel

We don't get a lot of amazing views of the amazingly hot Jennifer Lawrence, she being a rather conservative gal in private, not one to give up too much skin in public or show off that god-given amazing body of hers.

A shame really, a crying shame at times if I must be honest about all the tears I've shed wishing we could see her full frontal fantasticos. But, the young woman is super alluring nonetheless, and we can't help but track her every movement about town, as even a little Jennifer Lawrence goes a long way. And, on occasion, we are rewarded some little bits of fun time views, like when we caught her black lacy bra bare on her back outside the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, giving hints of the mighty goodness twins that lay stashed beneath. Enjoy.

Jennifer Lawrence Red-Bra and Nipple Pokes Is Enough to Feed My J. Law Hunger

The curvy and soft-yet-hard bodied Jennifer Lawrence continued her kind of shy 'don't look at me' promenades in Santa Monica of late complete with another pair of ogle-worthy shorts and a see-through top that lent us a nice peek at her bright red bra and nipple pokes beneath. Sadly for Jennifer, who does seem to like her privacy, starring in the biggest blockbuster films and raking in the millions (and looking super fine) is not the best way to remain an anonymous citizen.

She has much yin-yang left to learn and I'd love to teach a bit of the old back and forth.

In the meantime, let's also leer at Jennifer happily in her workout gear the next day in Pasadena. If she's trying to hide from the public eye, wrapping her delicious soft curves in skin tight clothing is not going to help her at all; though it's helping me right now, so I call this a victimless crime. Enjoy.

Jennifer Lawrence Flashes A Little Leg and a Little Bra and Grabs a Little Cash

Well, I'm not sure what you have planned for the weekend, but I'm expecting my secret girlfriend, the supremely hot Jennifer Lawrence, to be wearing a slit skirt up to the thigh highs, a sleeveless top flashing the black bra so unfortunately covering up her healthy boom-booms, to be grabbing some cash at the ATM to buy me a 12-pack of chalupas for our weekend Red Roof Inn 'No Me Moleste' hotel stay.

Now, I've not received word back on Jennifer as to a confirmation of these plans, but from these photos, it looks like some lucky guy is going to get the nod. Why not me???  Enjoy.

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Jennifer Lawrence Jogs Up a Hill As We Look for Camel Toe (Just Being Honest)

What are we here at Egotastic! if not brutally and utterly honest like 84% of the time?

When we first saw these photos of the super sextastic Jennifer Lawrence jogging around Santa Monica yesterday in skin tight leggings, of course our first thought was -- did you see any toe? It's just how our minds work. Like John Nash saw mathematical formulas dancing in his head in Beautiful Mind, we have images of slips and toes prancing about in our juvenile frontal lobes. So, we looked, but we're just not seeing it. Oh, we're seeing sweaty Jennifer Lawrence goodness and chesty bounding jogging madness, but no toe? What do you see?

Vanessa Hudgens, Jennifer Lawrence, and Zahia Dehar Provides a Trifecta of Hotness at Amber Lounge Charity Event

Beyond all the glitzy premiere and glamorous parties, the Cannes Film Festival also serves as the centerpiece for a number of great charitable events; I say 'great' somewhat because they generally seem to support worthwhile charitable concerns, but mostly because they bring out the even super better looking celebrities who want to see and be seen looking their finest while doing their public service.

The Amber Lounge Charity Benefit in Cannes over the weekend brought out a number of supremely sextastic looking ladies, but being a practical man, and realizing that after three to eleven glasses of French champagne, I could probably full satisfy no more than three of these hotties, I had to make my list from the evening crowd, and that went to Vanessa Hudgens, who looked all kinds of grown up hotness, Jennifer Lawrence whose bodily hunger games I would like to dine on in very private, and French teen prostitute turned lingerie fashion designer, Zahia Dehar, because there's just something special about young blonde girls with exotic looks who know lots of secrets. There just is. Enjoy.