Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence Has a Knack For Being Ridiculously Hot Even in Chick Magazines

We’re coming up on the two year anniversary of the time when we first realized that our life would not be complete without some level of intercourse with the supremely hot and talented thespianic, Jennifer Lawrence. And that was just the beginning.

Over the past couple of years, in different looks and styles and blessedly different levels of skin reveals, the secretly buxom often-blonde minx has treated us to some of our often simple, but definitely favorite views in all of Hottieville, with her new pictorial in Elle magazine being no exception. Yes, these photos are intended to stimulate women into buy mode (though we know a few of you Sapphic leaning ladies out there are thinking about purchasing the same level of naughty knocking we guys are when it comes to Jennifer Lawrence), but when it comes to elite levels of hotness, it can not be contained. Enjoy.

Jennifer Lawrence Outtakes To Stimulate Your Imagination, Tickle Your Fancy, and Quite Likely Soil Your Shorts

Well, you don’t have to experience all three of those, but if you happen to be a monster Jennifer Lawrence faptastic fanatic, as many of you are, then these outtakes from her Flare magazine photoshoot over the summer are likely to cause some emotional turmoil in the stupid-passion part of your brain. That’s really the only part we have left to be honest.

The blonde young bombshell thespianic shows just enough cleavage, and enough posing attitude, to remind you of all those naughty Jennifer Lawrence dreams you had the night after seeing Hunger Games, at least, we had a few about Jennifer and how to survive in the wild while carrying on our commitment to carrying on the human species. Lust, thy name is Jennifer Lawrence. Enjoy.


Jennifer Lawrence Workout Pics Getting Tighter and Hotter By the Day

I’m not exactly sure what role it is that has Jennifer Lawrence working her booty off daily now, but I am so glad that we get to see her booty, and her ripe melon frontal, in her stretch pants and tight tops nearly daily now.

Yesterday, I declared that I wanted to be her brassiere, just for the chance to cup her deliciously large funbags. But all these workout pictures have me wondering whether or not I should be asking the genie in the lamp to be her workout towel, the one she wipes herself down with all over, with a little soft pats to dry. Oh, dare to dream. Enjoy.

Jennifer Lawrence Flashes Her Orange Bra in Honor of Something Wonderful

I’m not exactly sure why Jennifer Lawrence was walking about Hollywood with her orange lacy bra so obviously showing, and I don’t really care. Presumably she knew as well, so we take this as a sign of Jennifer slowly coming out of her shell and sharing more and more of her candidly wondrous body with her adoring (and fapping) public.

It’s not nearly the wardrobe malfunction we’ve been praying for for the past eighteen months or so, but it seems like a decent place to start. Enjoy.

Jennifer Lawrence Cleavetastic Presentation at Golden Globes People’s Luncheon

Jennifer Lawrence and her beautiful bouncy set are having a little bit of a coming out and showing off party this week, with the ridiculously hot blonde actress’ major cleavage popping up and almost out at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association thingamajig.

Someday, Jennifer Lawrence is going to unclasp those knockers in full once and for all, and the effin’ damn is going to break wide open. Enjoy.

Jennifer Lawrence Tight Top and Camel Toe Reveals the Shape of Things to Come

Oh, lucky lucky day. And residual blessings to the inventor of those skin tight yoga pants.

Let’s begin upstairs, shall we? Wherein our belusted Jennifer Lawrence wore an unusually form fitting see-through workout top to reveal her chesty goodness, her vastly underrated buxomness mostly because she rarely flaunts it, but when we get even a hint of that full top, we immediately empty our tanks.

And, those bottoms, skin tight around every wonderful curve and cleave of the region of Jennifer’s body we simply refer to as ‘heaven pie’. Just a chance to sneak a peek into the doorway of our dreams, well, that’s our kind of workout.

Jennifer Lawrence, you are one good looking woman. Enjoy.

Jennifer Lawrence Flies Her Faptastic Funbags Out of the U.S. and Heads to Paris Fashion Week

Jennifer Lawrence might try to hide it for her PG movie career, but there’s no denying that this smoking hot blonde thespianic has some killer tubes and, someday, if the four-thousand candles I’ve lit ever work, we will see those amazing funbags bare and in all their glory.

But, for now, we just follow, and ogle, and sketch her amazing curves, which Jennifer took to LAX on her way out to Paris for Fashion Week, where when in the City of Light, Jennifer showed up at the Ritz Hotel in another innocent, but busy revealing outfit, just reminding everyone that sweet curves on a woman never ever hurt her career.

Someday, Jennifer, we shall be together as one — one person in clothes that is, me, taking your nekkid photos, maybe on lava rocks or piles of Oscar Meyer Turkey Bologna or something like that. It will be epic. Enjoy.