Jennifer Lawrence

Award Season, Err, Jennifer Lawrence Hot Dress Season, Has Begun!

In the cold of January, Tinsel Town’s makeup and beauty salons, fine clothing stores and tailors, jewelers, and makers of $5K+ handbags all gear up for their high season, Award Show season, when everybody who is anybody, or banging anybody, gets to put on between one and twenty of their finest outfits to step before cameras and adoring crowds and thank the world for letting them ‘express their gifts’.

Well, it is an annual collective celebrity circle jerk of super-sized ego proportions, but we can’t deny that it also being joy to our own hearts, and a spring to our loin-area step, as some of the finest women in Hollywood spend hours perfecting their hotness. Women such as super-sextastic Jennifer Lawrence, who looked amazing once again at last night’s Critics Choice Awards, flashing a little cleave, showing off her Mother Nature given good looks, and pretending all the while to be modest and demure.

It was two years ago really when we first saw Jennifer Lawrence breakout during Award Season at various show, stealing red carpets left and right. Now, it’s time for Jennifer to breakout of some of those clothes, I dare say. Next steps. Enjoy.

Mr. Skin Minute Features the Top 3 Actresses We’d Like to See Nekkid in Lucky ’13 (VIDEO)


Well, it’s 2013 and our friends at Mr. Skin, purveyors of all things celebrity and nekkid onscreen, have whittled down their wish list of girls they’d like to see nekkid on screen in the coming year. And, while such a list is bound to cause controversy, as all such ‘top’ lists do, given that they’ve come up with Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Mila Kunis as three sextastic celebrities that they want to see drop their tops on film, hey, who are we to argue?

Check out the case Mr. Skin makes for their Top 3 and see if you agree or disagree.

(And, as always, don’t forget to get your discounted Mr. Skin membership to kick off your new year in skin-filled style!)

Check Out the Uncensored Mr. Skin Minute Video »

Jennifer Lawrence Strikes a Sextastic Pose in Vanity Fair, We Resolve To Have Tender But Passionate Sex With Jennifer in 2013

I know those of you who’ve been following us for a while know that I, along with approximately 464 million other men, have committed to making sweet saucy love to Jennifer Lawrence, who strikes an amazingly alluring set of poses in the upcoming Vanity Fair magazine, which, while not designed for the hardcore leering types, can not help but show off the sexy side of Jennifer Lawrence, as all her sides are so passion inducing.

In the article in the magazine, Jennifer continues to explain what a simple girl she is, a junk food junkie who prefers the quiet life, which is why we have now amended our personal JLaw fantasy to include popcorn fried chicken from KFC and some sound proofing panels duct taped to our boudoir. There will be screams of ecstasy, mostly from us, and, in fact, we’ve already started. Jennifer Lawrence, you are one hot  young woman. Enjoy.

Jennifer Lawrence Bikini Pictures Hang Ten for the Boobtastic Bouncy Win!

My, oh, my how simply our world is filled with hope and happiness. We finally got a low-down on the more boobtastic, hot shots of Jennifer Lawrence on her bikini surfing trip in Hawaii for the Thanksgiving holiday, and, well, our short boards are now long boards and we are completely out of wax.

The supremely curvy hot young actress spared no visual expense in taking to the Mighty Pacific in her little blue bikini and hitting the waves with reckless abandon. Jennifer did the same to our jaws, which were dropped the entire time we were checking out her ripe booty, full bikini bosom, and the lucky bastard of a salty body water of an ocean that got to lap up against her in some kind of tidal display of lust.

Jennifer Lawrence makes us want to do naughty things, our list now run 193 points deep. Enjoy.

Jennifer Lawrence Bikini Tops in Blue During Hawaiian Family Vacation

We do so lust Jennifer Lawrence, and despite the fact that the super hottie young actress did not invite us along on her Hawaiian vacation for Thanksgiving, does not mean we are not going to ogle her strutting about the 50th State beaches in a couple of her favorite blue bikini tops. Cause, you know, we are.

Because we know that Jennifer Lawrence has one delicious rack, despite her attempts to rarely show cleavage of any kind, we know the hounds are ready to be released at a moment’s notice. And while these pictures remain in the Lawrence-innocence mode, we know, we hope, and we pray, that we shall soon see bare splendor the likes of which might just implode our brains. At least we’d die happy. Enjoy.

Jennifer Lawrence May Just Have the Single Best Body in Hollywood (And She Was Flaunting It on Leno)

For as little skin as she shows, Jennifer Lawrence might just be the hottest bodied woman in Tinsel Town, depending on your personal preferences, natch, but if they lean toward slender, buxom, booty fine sextastic often in form fitting outfits, then you just might list Jennifer at the top of your list.

When the Hunger Games star came out on The Jay Leno Show the other night, many dudes were staring slackjaw in the audience, and many men watching at home suddenly felt the need to talk sweet to their wives to initiate some marital coupling time. Jennifer Lawrence has one wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am inspiring body. And it was all showing off in that short, tight dress that we’re going to ask her to bring along to our eventual motel no-tell rendezvous. Enjoy.

We Waited Hours for a Jennifer Lawrence Upskirt That Never Came (But We Still Want Her Badly!)

I know, you think life is all fun and games here at Egotastic! but we do engage in some very serious, very hard work here, at times, on occasion, once in a while, like twice a month, for a few minutes. And one of those times was this weekend watching Jennifer Lawrence preciously and hotly perched in a shorter skirt on a director’s chair at the SAG-AFTRA event following a screening of her new film, Silver Linings Playbook.

We waited and waited and waited but young sextastic Jennifer with some powerful legs and some powerful will never did uncross her legs, never gave us a closer glimpse of her heavenly areas. Alas. We were able to console ourselves with her inherent smoking hotness and dreams of good times to come. And there will be more good times, because sextastic can not be contained forever. Enjoy.