Jennifer Lawrence

‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’: Jennifer Lawrence Kinda Nekkid and Totally Blue

Bryan Singer tweeted a totally boner-inducing picture of Jennifer Lawrence in blue body paint yesterday from the set of X-Men: Days of Future Past. Lawrence is reprising her X-Men: First Class role as the young Mystique and she somehow looks that much better than before. While there’s nothing technically visible, it sure does, uh, stoke the imagination.

As we stare at Singer’s tweeted photo, we begin to wonder, who is sexiest in blue? Jennifer Lawrence? Zoe Saldana? Rebecca Romijn? Smurfette? It’s probably too soon to tell.

X-Men: Days of Future Past comes theaters too far into the future, July 18, 2014.

Doutzen Kroes and Jennifer Lawrence Heat Up Cannes

The Cannes Film Festival provides a wonderful opportunity each May for serious cinematic artists to gather in the South of France and view a series of films that you’d chew off your right arm to not have to sit through. Or, more to the point, it’s a big Benicio Del Toro fan fest. But, while the important folk discuss matters of little importance to the rest of the world, Cannes does indeed bring out the super hotties. Actresses and supporting models alike, including Doutzen Kroes and Jennifer Lawrence who both brought their A-plus game to the premiere of Jimmy P..

While Eva Longoria and her lady nest flash clearly stole the show momentarily at this very same event, Doutzen and Jennifer formed two sextastic pieces of bread for which I have crudely simple meat solution. Oh, yes indeed. And, shut up, you’re thinking the same thing. Hey, we can’t all be high minded and important. Leave that to the Frenchy folks in Cannes. Enjoy.

Jennifer Lawrence Looks Hotter at Indie Spirit Awards Than the Oscars

As excited as we were to see Jennifer Lawrence at the Academy Awards, knowing she was in a shoe-in for her award, we were expecting greatness. But, no, somebody convinced her to go old school glamorous gown that covered up the entirety of her fine body. So, good looking, but not memorable.

Thankfully, the same weekend as The Oscars we have the Independent Spirit Awards, where ironically we first met Jennifer Lawrence on this site a couple years ago, and a place where once again this crazy hot young actress could steal the show with a far more happy happy fun time, dress that had us remembering why we first fell in lust with the buxom blonde. Enjoy.

Jennifer Lawrence Almost Awards Great Britain a Prize Upskirt During Her London Visit

It seems only fair since Britain is exporting so many of their hotties to our shores these days that we give back a little in the form of Jennifer Lawrence, across the pond for the BAFTA Awards and all the parties around it, and almost (oh, so close) flashing a sweet upskirt in the tight dress she tried to maneuver into one of London’s deep seat liveries.

While we didn’t get to see Jennifer Lawrence lady nest, the good folks of England did get a heaping hotness helping of Jennifer Lawrence, one of our prizes homegrown sextastic thespianics. But, make no mistake about it, we want her back soon. Enjoy.

Jennifer Lawrence Shows Cleavage for The Hollywood Reporter Nominees’ in Beverly Hills

Maria Menounos, Morena Baccarin, and Nina Dobrev Lead List of Hotties at the 2013 SAG Awards

Okay, time to get serious with Award Season. That annual time of year when Hollywood comes together for a self-congratulatory circle jerk of mirrored affection. Not sure how many other industries pack ten to fifteen major ‘give yourself a pat on the back’ ceremonies in the course of six weeks time, but when you’re a celebrity, how can you be loved if you first don’t love yourself?

Not that we’re complaining, not when the super hotties make a strong showing at last night’s SAG Awards, the thespian-on-thespian accolades that is considered one of the highest honors from within. So we give out our honors, to the ladies that looked the most ridiculously hot on the red carpet, and there were several, including Maria Menounos (who really isn’t an actress, but who gives a damn), Morena Baccarin who has come to control the very blood flow in our appendages, Nina Dobrev, stellar brunette, Amanada Seyfried, Nordic girl of many Asgard naughty dreams, Jennifer Lawrence, a stage stealing voluptuous young beauty, Sofia Vergara, who ever delivers veteran caliente to the red carpet, Julianne Moore, who continues to be the veteran ginger we’d most like to discipline us, Lea Michele, who can be hit or miss, but was super hit last night. and Michelle Dockery, of Downton Abbey renown, flashing serious sideboob. All of these ladies and more all decked out in expensive triumph for your viewing pleasure.

And, oh yeah, some awards were given out and people thanked Aunt Myrtle and their agents, and then a few actors cried. Enjoy.

Award Season, Err, Jennifer Lawrence Hot Dress Season, Has Begun!

In the cold of January, Tinsel Town’s makeup and beauty salons, fine clothing stores and tailors, jewelers, and makers of $5K+ handbags all gear up for their high season, Award Show season, when everybody who is anybody, or banging anybody, gets to put on between one and twenty of their finest outfits to step before cameras and adoring crowds and thank the world for letting them ‘express their gifts’.

Well, it is an annual collective celebrity circle jerk of super-sized ego proportions, but we can’t deny that it also being joy to our own hearts, and a spring to our loin-area step, as some of the finest women in Hollywood spend hours perfecting their hotness. Women such as super-sextastic Jennifer Lawrence, who looked amazing once again at last night’s Critics Choice Awards, flashing a little cleave, showing off her Mother Nature given good looks, and pretending all the while to be modest and demure.

It was two years ago really when we first saw Jennifer Lawrence breakout during Award Season at various show, stealing red carpets left and right. Now, it’s time for Jennifer to breakout of some of those clothes, I dare say. Next steps. Enjoy.