Jennifer Ellison

Jennifer Ellison Pregnant Bikini Pictures

These Jennifer Ellison bikini pictures clearly show that the Brit babe is very pregnant, and while that’s not really what we consider newsworthy here on Egotastic!, the fact that her boobs have gotten even bigger is! I didn’t even think it was possible, and coupled with the baby on the same side, it’s even a wonder she’s able to stand up straight. You know, I’m pretty sure that making breasts get bigger is nature’s way of making sure the guy sticks around for the whole thing. Nature’s pretty sneaky like that.

Jennifer Ellison is So Hot It’s Nuts

Yes, I totally used the exact same title for my last post featuring Jennifer Ellison in Nuts magazine, but what the hell else are you gonna use for a title featuring pictures of ridiculously hot pictures of Jennifer Ellison in a magazine as aptly named as Nuts? Anyway, point is, boobs.

Jennifer Ellison is So Hot It’s Nuts

Never has a magazine been so appropriately named as Nuts magazine. Because the fact that they can get pictures like these of Jennifer Ellison is, yes, nuts. And Jennifer Ellison is so hot it’s nuts. And honestly, the fact my job involves writing about this stuff is also pretty nuts. Yeah, things could be worse.

These Jennifer Ellison Topless Bikini Pictures are Totally Staged and Totally Hot

So you see these Jennifer Ellison topless bikini pictures? Well, they’re fake. Okay, not fake, really. That is Jennifer Ellison, and she is topless, but these pictures have been totally staged to make it seem as though se was caught in some scandalous behaviour, without actually showing anything. I mean, if she was actually running around topless in the sun with only her boyfriend around, while basically having sex with him, as some of these pictures imply, wouldn’t we at least see a little bit of nipple?

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t really care that these photos were staged. After all, every magazine photoshoot is by definition staged, and Jennifer is showing off more here than she ever has before. It’s just a little insulting to believe that they don’t think we can tell the difference.

At the end of the day, though, it’s boobs in a bikini, and not in a bikini, so it all works out.

Jennifer Ellison Is Loaded (with Cleavage)

I can’t quite believe this, but this is the first post on British actress / hottie, Jennifer Ellison, that has ever been posted on Egotastic! Crazy, right? What’s really crazy Jennifer Ellison’s body. It’s quite something, wouldn’t you say. I would, and since I’m the one saying it, that’s all that really matters. Point is, these pictures from Loaded magazine are hot, and so is she, and if we get more pictures of Jennifer Ellison in her underwear, you can be sure we’ll be seeing more of her in the future.