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Jennifer Aniston Pulling Another Faux Boob-Baring Double Cross in Wanderlust?

Hold your horses and or Sarah Jessica Parker’s, because we are getting some unfortunate news from our sneak peekers at early Wanderlustpremieres — no Jennifer Aniston topless shots. Yep, this could be yet another Jennifer Aniston misdirection on the topless movie action moment. There really ought to be a law against this, though I suppose this is just the buyer beware element to modern media content.

Nevertheless, Jennifer did look quite nice, though wearing a top, at last night’s movie premiere for Wanderlust. There’s no doubt she’s holding up with age. Now, if she’d only starting letting those tops fall for real, we wouldn’t have to wait until some stagehand started sneaking out test shots of her topless (cause you know that’s out there somewhere too). Enjoy.

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The MSM Weekly Skin Roundup Includes Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Aniston, and Sarah Silverman (VIDEO)


It’s 2012 and our friends at Mr. Skin, the tube-loving cinematic reviewers of all things hot and fleshy are looking forward to good times and good views to come this year, including highly anticipated onscreen skin moments from Kristen Stewart topless in On the Road, Jennifer Aniston finally showing actually boobtastic in Wanderlust, and Sarah Silverman in her much anticipated full-frontal nekkid scene in the indie flick, The Last Waltz.

2012 could turn out to be quite epic on the big screen. Enjoy.

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