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Jennifer Aniston or Vanessa Hudgens: Who Makes the Better Fake Film Stripper?

The thing about major motion picture strippers is that they never quite strip. That does reduce some of the underlying allure. On the other hand, seeing the likes of Jennifer Aniston in We're the Millers and Vanessa Hudgens in Frozen Ground, both playing strippers who stop short of removing their bras and panties, well, still quite ogle-worthy.

Two superfine sextastic ladies down to their skivvies writhing around for our cinematic pleasure. Yes, I'll take that. But which of the two does it better? That's for you to decide.

Who's the Hotter Movie Stripper?

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Jennifer Aniston Bikini Pictures Continue A-List Two Piece Goodness Down Cabo Way

Jennifer Aniston deserves a vacation. I believe she's made twenty movies in the past two years, or something like that. It's been a lot, nobody sees most of them so it's hard to remember the entire list. But, she's tired. And she needs some R&R. So why not slip off to Mexico for a little suntanning with her fiance slash boyfriend slash placeholder until her next co-star romance.

And slip off Jennifer has. Her clothes mostly, down to another bikini for today's poolside adventures. I'm a big Jennifer Aniston ogling fan so I'm even willing to look past the fact she's wearing my grandma's glasses and just focus on what it might be like to be Jen's next co-star fling. Six months of making the sexy followed some long talk about how she's still not over Brad and may never be. Free scrumping time always has to come to an end, it's best if the lady calls it off, I say in my extremely unlimited experience. Enjoy.

Jennifer Aniston Bikini Pictures Top Off a Fine-Topped Mexican Morning

I'm not sure if it's the yoga or the Pilates or the healthy diet or the just being almost sort of kind of getting engaged or married or something, but Jennifer Aniston continues to look like a million (or ten million a movie) bucks in her bikinis, caught this time by our long range palm tree photo commandos down Cabo way once more.

I'm not exactly sure why they keep putting Jennifer in more and more movies, and I'm not exactly sure why she keeps saying she's going to flash her upper body in these films but never does, but one thing you can not take away from the former Friends star -- a slamming 40-something body that is must see when out hanging by a pool on vacation. That, you can never take away from her, though I would like to share it with her for about five minutes of deeply passionate embrace. Enjoy.

‘We’re the Millers’ Red Band and Jennifer Aniston’s Ass (VIDEO)

It's Cracktastic!

The red band trailer for We're the Millers went live today and -- wait -- is that an inflated ball sack!?

Yes. Yes it is. No worries, though, there's plenty of bare Jennifer Aniston to make up for it. There there, take a look at that sweet, stripping former Friend. All better now? Good.

Minus the swollen scrote, this is the best trailer we've seen all year. All of it's awesomeness rests on the fact that Aniston is a stripper impersonating a MILF who ends up stripping...or something. Funny people are in it being funny. A killer whale eats a dolphin. And Aniston is about to hook up with a lady in a tent. Fine, twist our arms, we're watching it again.

Taylor Swift Cleavage Peek Steals the People’s Choice Awards

Wow, Swifty, good show my girl.

Fresh off the heels of her latest, greatest, and most chaste boyfriend breakup with some dude I've never heard of though he's in a band, Taylor Swift decided, what the heck, lets make lemonade out of lemons by dressing all grow'd up and flashing her own pair of personal fruits on the red carpet of the People's Choice Awards last night. Now, I'm still not quite clear what the hell the People's Choice Award are, but they hold them every year in early January, they kick off the 'Hey, I'm Awesome' celebrity self-fapitation award season, and by the looks of the winners, I'd say the 'People' in question are young teenage girls. But, deal with it, those girls run America.

And they brought us Taylor Swift looking hotter than ever before, along with Kaley Cuoco, Jennifer Aniston, Emma Watson, and Lea Michele, all decked out for the crimson strut past the photographers. Maybe next year we'll finally take a moment to figure out what this awards show is, this year we're just going to leer at Taylor's ta-tas. Enjoy.

Jennifer Aniston Bikini Pictures Butt-First This Time Down Cabo Way

Jennifer Aniston has the lead on my in terms of sun tanning time and sexual encounters in 2013, though I do plan on catching up with her, the minute I can convince some sullen lady of my dreams to get it on at The Shady Spot tanning salon where I still hold four Groupon vouchers.

But I'm not sure my coupling selection will have quite the taut body Jennifer still manages to maintain, front and back, and show off down Cabo way on her never ending intimate bikini time romp with her boyfriend slash fiance slash future ex-husband. Now, there have been rumors for years now of Jen's sexual appetites being in the legendary-for-the-ladies category, and I suppose someday one of the boyfriends will do a tell all cry-baby confession about various groinal area injuries, but until such time, we'll just continue to ogle Jen's bikini body, and imagine ourselves the lucky bastard who gets to help rub on the aloe each evening. Enjoy.

Jennifer Aniston Bikini Awesome Show Continues Down Mexico Way (And Now Joined by Celebrity Bikini Friends)

Well, we surely have been enjoying the veteran hottie bikini show put on by Jennifer Aniston this past week as she takes humping breaks from her boyfriend at their Cabo resort to soak up some sun in her various bikinis, and, now, she's been joined by sweetly sextastic Emily Blunt and Molly McNearny, the head writer for the Jimmy Kimmel Show as well as his future wife.

We love it when a smorgasbord of celebrities assemble for a bikini vacation. The more the merrier for our snap happier paps and their telescopic lenses as the Cabo resort to the stars continues to draw in the famous babes over the holidays. Enjoy.