Jenni 'J-Woww' Farley

J-Woww’s Boobs Try to Save MTV Movie Awards

I actually had fun a couple years back now at the MTV Movie Awards with our friend Tila Tequila. The show had already dropped to unwatchable standards at that point, but it was at least fun. Now, everybody who appeared at the show looked like they had been kidnapped and forced to dress up and smile and talk about how much they love so-and-so from some craptastic MTV reality show (assuming so-and-so is still alive, or not in jail).

J-Woww brought her puppies out to play, and they tried to save the evening from the ensuing debacle, but even they along with the hottie likes of Emma Watson, Selena Gomez, and Ariana Grande could not save the ev evening. The ultimate dilemma for Egotastic! is a sextastic hot teacher stripping off her clothes whilst scratching her nails down a chalkboard. MTV is now way too much chalkboard. Enjoy.

J-Woww Farley Flashes Some Serious Sideboob in Sin City

Just when you think you're about to say, 'I could care less' about another J-Woww promotional appearance in Sin City, along comes Jenni with her mega-boobs peacocked out like, well, mega-boobs at the Dusk nightclub in Vegas, showing exactly, precisely, and otherwise most definitely why she got paid whatever tens of thousands of dollars she did to be the guest hostess for the evening.

Now, you know that amid all the craptastic sanitation waste dumped into popular culture by the MTV show Jersey Shore, there have been a brightspot or two. You're looking at the two right now. Or, at least, at the sides of the two. Enjoy.

J-Woww Flashes Something Chunky Upskirt on New Year’s Eve

I've been staring at these photos up and under J-Woww and her New Year's Eve dress for some time now, and I'm still not quite clear what I'm seeing.

I know I see a little too much Jersey Shore corndog and beer, but, beyond, that, there's a little something something and maybe a chunky other thing, but we can't call it one way or another , so we call upon our Egotastic! CSI team to investigate the deep and dark evidence portrayed therein. Do let us know. And, try to enjoy.

J-Woww Flashes Her New Bodacious Body Art For Inked Magazine

Despite our general feelings toward Jersey Shore, we have never wavered in our lust for J-Woww. I mean, okay, half-wavered while she got loaded a lot and fell down and did other stupid shizz, but never refracted, as it were, from our deep felt thoughts of lust and debauchery every time we see the better part of her curvaceous body.

And J-Woww has been slowly tatting up that body, which got her into a sextastic little pictorial for Inked magazine that is driving wild all the J-Woww passion-filled manfolks out there, along with a few appreciators of the body art. Something you really must check out in your spare time, or just time you make spare while at work. Enjoy.

Light it Up

Victoria Justice leggy holiday performance. (GossipCenter)

JWoww gets groped in an airport. (HuffPo)

Sienna Miller ditches her clothes. (FoxNews)

Michelle Williams cleavy NYC premiere. (Celebuzz)

Coco flashes some skin in Atlantic City. (SocialiteLife)

I want to see Diana Falzone when I come back home. (CollegeHumor)

God bless yoga pants. (TheChive)

The MTV Europe Music Awards Almost Entirely Craptastic Save For A Patch of Sextastic

A couple months ago, I was trying to think about what could possibly be worse than the the MTV Music Awards, what with all the Jersey Shore pimping and Justin Bieber pretending to be lesbian gangsta and the shout-out to horribly craptastic pop music acts popular among young girls who wear scented lip gloss and whose high school ambition is to be invited to the Rainbow Party at Lisa's house. Well, I totally forgot about the MTV Europe Music Awards. Let's face it, Europe, you're pretty cool in so many areas. We respect your liberal views on sexuality and nudity, your regionally delicious cuisines, and the way you haven't told Greece to go eff itself quite yet, but when it comes to craptastic teeny bopper music, you may even have the ole U.S. beatdown in an auto-tuned showdown. Throw in the fact that MTV brought over some of its D-listers from America to complement the evening, and the MTV Europe Music Awards were a pure and unadulterated ode to the obnoxious.

That is, save for the hotties. Not much, oh, not much, but definitely some sporadic bits of super awesome, not the least of which were supermodel and finally get sexed again, Bar Refaeli, fellow international drop dead sexy bomb, Irina Shayk, J-Woww (okay, Jersey Shore but let's give it up for how they've made her over), Selena Gomez, and the more locally brewed hotness of Jennifer Metcalfe. Outside of this pocket of heat, not so much. Even the guy who streaked across the stage during the show was limp. Enjoy.

Bridget Marquardt, Coco, and JWoww Bring the Deep Cleavage to Halloween in Vegas

There is nothing more sinful than Halloween in Sin City, where the theme is always boobs boobs and more boobs, and what better threesome to represent pure Vegas-shtick funbaggery than the threesome of Bridget Marquardt, Coco, and J-Woww, each delivering their own brand of the cleavetastic, costume style, at various points of party pimpitude along and off of The Strip. Fishnets and headwear seemed to be part of the mandatory costume elements, along with the seductive lollipops, but nobody in this here encampment is going to think less of you, if like me, you're just staring at Halloween hooters. Enjoy.