Jemima Kirke

Jemima Kirke Very Preggo and Very Topless in Vice Magazine

Actress Jemima Kirke Pregnant and Topless in Vice Magazine
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Some of you may be turned off, so feel free to tune out, but you preggo fetishists out there, and you know who you (we) are, well the sight of HBO’s Girls actress Jemima Kirke in a motherly sort of way and topless, well it might just send you into reproductive fixations of  your own.

We’ve not followed too much of the Britishy thespianic Jemima before, but when a girl starts to freely flash her body parts, regardless of her maternal situation, you can bet we’re going to stand up, awkwardly, and take notice. There’s something to be said for ripening female moo-udders, and that thing is ‘Come to Daddy’. Enjoy.

(Check out the full set of Jemima Kirke pregnant and topless photos in Vice magazine.)

(Thanks to EgoReader ‘JV’ for the heads up on Jemima’s exposed preggo parts.)

Weekly Boob Tube Roundup Features Willa Ford Topless and Alexis Bledel Somehow Not Quite Topless (VIDEO)

Alexis Bledel Topless Under Fur in 'Mad Men'
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Some new shows, and looking forward to some old shows coming back, and then just still admiring the shizz out of Game of Thrones, even though they’ve decided to put a blanket on most all of the female skin in the show. That’s the short summation of this week’s Boob Tube Roundup, a skintastic highlight of the headlights featured on the small screen this past week.

This week’s Roundup includes Alexis Bledel somehow not showing her nips in a truly boobtastic revealing fur coat in Mad Men, Jessica Pare bra flash in the same, newcomer Jemima Kirke getting the boy bone in Girls, and hotties Willa Ford and Olga Kurylenko flashing bare shower bodies in the Florida 50′s mob show, Magic City. It’s throwbacks to udder goodness. Enjoy.

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