Jayde Nicole

Jayde Nicole Leads a Bunny Stampede for Playboy’s 60th

I’ve had a dream eerily similar to this before. Where I’m lying in bed minding my own business when a bus full of Playboy models and Playmates pull up to my front door and pile in like an invasion force to rob me of my chastity, one by one, at first, then two by two to expedite the line. I beg for mercy, but am only reminded that I exist to be the sex tool for dozens and dozens of horny hot models. Then I try really hard not to pinch myself lest I wake up.

An invasion of bunnies really did take place in Los Angeles as Playboy celebrated their 60th anniversary by riding a double decker bus around town with girls galore, including Jayde Nicole, who looked like 1.2 million bucks in her iconic bunny outfit. Sadly, as in most major cities, Luddite thinking laws prevent women from appearing topless in public lest the children see boobs and feel warm and comforted and normal. Still, there was plenty of hot tease and furry tail to go around. Enjoy.

Jayde Nicole, Short Skirt, Long Legs, Boots — Yep, I’m Going To Need A Private Moment

You know a man could go his whole life searching for what truly makes him happy; but not this man here. I’ll take an order of a Playboy Playmate of the Year Jayde Nicole in a short skirt, flashing her hot legs, and some boots that either say, hey, look, I’m a Cannuckian, I grew up on a farm in the Great White North, or, for $50 I’ll let you smell my feet. I really hope it’s the latter.

The sextastic brunette was caught popping out of a famous sushi restaurant here in Hollywood where all the celebrity females who never eat a thing go to not eat and be seen and see Jayde Nicole we surely did. Now, we’re not exactly sure what Jayde is up to these days professionally speaking, but in our professional opinion, as long as she looks this hot, it matters not to us. Enjoy.

Jayde Nicole Flashes Her Pink Panties at Star Magazine Party

We kind of covered the Star magazine party the other night that brought out a bunch of B-level Hollywood hotties to the red carpet to celebrate some trumped up occasion, but we missed on the arrival moments of some of the celebs, including what turned out to be a wonderfully revealing upskirt from super brunette hottie Jayde Nicole, who couldn’t quite help but flash her knickers when exiting her vehicle in the loading zone. Or, given how hot she looked flashing her panties, unloading zone.

Bad puns aside, Jayde Nicole is one of our belusted hidden gems, and a chance to peek up her dress in the direction of her bodily gem, well, it turned an otherwise dull event into something far more sextacular. Enjoy.

Jayde Nicole Doubles Down as Two Busty Fairytale Characters

Sometimes, I forget about my deep dark cosplay fetish, until Halloween rolls around once more and we get to see the likes of former Playmate of the Year and one hot Cannuckian, Jayde Nicole, doing double duties with her double hooties on the one day a year every-sexy celeb gets into costume. Snow White and the Queen of Hearts, it’s like Sextastic Land at Disneyland, or should be, the one section of the park where dads get to go to take an hour breather (or become more breathless) while the kid are elsewhere working their way into so much fun they vomit. If you got ‘em, flaunt em, and Jayde has plenty to flaunt. Enjoy.

Katie Cleary and Hope Dworaczyk Among the Hotties Dissing Fur

Are you like me, in that your views on politics always seem to be in alignment with the political views of the hottest girl in the room. So, when it came to the ‘Diamonds, Not Fur’, anti-animal skinning event in Hollywood, well, I was more than prepared to get nekkid in the cage with the PETA hottie. Thankfully, my attention was diverted to the very delightful assemblage of human flesh on display, including Katie Cleary, Hope Dworaczyk, Jayde Nicole, and Charlotte Ross, so sextasic were they, I literally dropped the club I was about to use to make me a new pair of seal boots, it’s cruel, but they are super comfy. Enjoy.

Newly Single Billionaire Barbie Headlines Red Carpet for Radio Shack EVO Launch

As a kid who spent way too much time in Radio Shack asking nerdy questions about every single component in the building, and being in a group of boys who never bought a thing, just wasted time, I’m still not sure how that store is even open. But, apparently, Radio Shack abides. And they even put on a big launch party for one of the new smartphones out this week, can’t even say which one exactly, but I’m sure it claims to be even more amazing than its predecessor, though probably still can’t use it to make actual phone calls.

Still, when you get the likes of Billioniare Barbie (back on the HSV-man hunt), uber cheerleader Amber Lancaster, Playmate Jayde Nicole, L-Word hottie Sarah Shahi, and blonde TV sexy bomb, Jaime King, to get decked out and come to your little shindig, you’re probably doing all right. Enjoy.

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