Jamie Chung

Vanessa Hudgens and Jamie Chung Lead Gaggle of Girls at Sucker Punch Premiere

We’ve been seeing the posters for forever now. Hot girls, guns toted, skin tight body suits… Sucker Punch. I’m still looking forward to this movie as I’ve been for months now, though I must say I was slightly disappointed that the girls of Sucker Punch: Vanessa Hudgens, Jamie Chung, Carla Gugino, Emily Browning, Abbie Cornish, and Jena Malone chose to go super conservative to the premiere last night. Maybe it has something to do with downplaying recent scandals and such, but I’d like my kick-ass hotties to look a little more like kick-ass hotties, if you please. Still, veteran stunner Diane Lane and sexy Malin Akerman did arrive to lend their sextastic support to the entire event, and there was still ample opportunity for Hollywood actress orgy fantasies to leap and abound. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Fame / Splash News

Jamie Chung Leads Line of Hotties at Badgley-Mischka Fashion Thingee

As you may know, while many of my peers are warping their gray matter into their eleventeenth hour on Call of Duty (I wisely limit myself to six hours per day), I’m often out attending major female fashion events, both for the coverage of the latest and greatest haute couture, but also because it seems to be the place to grab free panties. Go figure. I didn’t get any gratis lady’s undergarments at last night’s Badgley Mischka event for something or other, but I did get to see some under the radar celebrity hotness, including the likes of Jamie Chung, who is going to blow up big time after Sucker Punch, Stacy Keibler who just yesterday made us drool ourselves into states of pre-moistened semi-consciousness, Charlotte Ross, the current top pick to play my mom in any and all Adult Nursing Relationships, and Audrina Patridge, an underrated sexy bomb up to all sorts of reality TV projects that make zero sense to me as an adult male. A nice line of hotness. And, well, fabulous fashions rocking the runway! (Please discount that last sentence.) Enjoy.

Photo credit: Splash News / bauergriffinonline.com

Jamie Chung Is Gonna Knock You Out

MTV has launched a super-sized-colon full of crapola onto the entertainment landscape in recent years, but among the few things for which I am grateful is the discovery of Jamie Chung through Real World. Jamie Chung is going to have a monster 2011 and I want to be along for the ride. She’s going to be in Hangover 2, which you know I am definitely in for, and, of course, just like Carla Gugino from yesterday, Jamie Chung is portraying a bad-ass hottie in Sucker Punch, another cinematic venture I’ll be at when the doors open. Basically, this is going to be an upcoming season of Jamie Chung lust, kicked off perhaps with these amazing pictures from Complex magazine, featuring the Korean-American actress as all kind of pugilistic sexy and hot-bodied and other things I can’t mention because I just found out my mom (my bio mom, not the woman who kidnapped me from my bio mom and raised me in an isolated village outside of Dusseldorf) reads this blog on occasion. But you should feel free to think all those things, about Jamie Chung, because she’s hot. Enjoy.