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Hayley Atwell Boobtastic Leads Pack of Hotties at Captain America Premiere

Who’s going to see Captain America? He is the first Avenger after all. I shall be there with bells on my toes and binoculars on my eyes, to see an even larger version of the quite spectacular Hayley Atwell bosom, on fine display last night at the Hollywood premiere of Captain America.

Joining the female co-star and all around hottie on the red carpet were fellow sextastic celebrities Jaime Alexander, Amanda Righetti, Francia Raisa, Jamie Chung, Maria Menounos, Vanessa Hudgens and Zoe Saldana. It was a veritable buffet of decked-out sexy celebrities. Does this mean the movie will be any good? We shall see. But for now, consider Egotastic! quite thumbs up. Enjoy.

Hello, Yellow

Leighton Meester showing her sexy legs. (Celebuzz)

Jamie Chung snaps a picture of her hot body. (Celebslam)

Mila Kunis talks orgasms. (HuffPo)

Jennifer Aniston gets dirty on her hands and knees. (GossipCenter)

Hot chicks in bikinis. (TheChive)

Aubrey O’Day bikini twitpics. (DrunkenStepfather)

Ashley Tisdale sweaty cleavage. (Popoholic)

Holiday Hottie

Ashley Greene so simple, yet so desirable. (Celebuzz)

Another January Jones baby daddy rumor? (HuffPo)

Brooklyn Decker may own the world’s hottest body. (FoxNews)

Celebrate Memorial Day with bikini-clad sexy ladies. (TheChive)

Jennifer Lopez sex tape coming soon? (PopEater)

Avril Lavigne desecrates our national pastime. (TMZ)

Jamie Chung, the hottest reason to see Hangover II. (CityRag)

Jamie Chung Sexy Slinky Sideboob Spectacular For Hangover II Premiere

Of course, the premiere for Hangover II, a movie I am very much looking forward to seeing, brought out the bevy of Tinsel Town hotties, but, no doubt about it, Jamie Chung stole the show in her eye-popping slinky sideboob revealing finery. We lust Jamie Chung hard to begin with, throw in some kind of dress-up that comes straight out of male fantasy land and voila! — winner. I don’t know ‘who’ Jamie was dressed in last night at the premiere, but I know ‘who’ was thinking about undressing her, me and every other man (and about 17% of the women) on this planet. So effin’ hawt. Enjoy.

Amber Lancaster Leads Bratpack of Young Hollywood At Nylon Party

Honestly now, how is it I didn’t get invited to the young Hollywood hotties party hosted by Nylon magazine? Who loves young Hollywood hotties more than me? Okay, well all love them and we all should have been invited, I mean, let’s be real, these girls aren’t even going to taste those sandwiches you put out. On the other hand, I’d be stuffing them four at a time into my manly leather satchel for no-cost dinners for a week. Even worse than missing the free eats, I missed seeing one of my secret lust crushes, Amber Lancaster, live and in the flesh (wish it were more flesh). Amber has been stealing red carpets these days and her little female peers must be starting to snipe at her behind the scenes (oh, yeah, it gets nasty, like a dozen feral cats in heat slammed together in a small cage). There’s just something special about a real ex-cheerleader playing a cheerleader on TV. Oh, yeah, there’s also her amazing body and boobtastic.

In addition to Amber Lancaster, other hotties at the p’arty included Billionaire Barbie, who canceled her night school law classes to attend, Aly Michalka and AJ Michalka, two parts of my sister sextastic sandwich fantasy, Emma Roberts, Jamie Chung, Shenae Grimes, Joanna Levesque (JoJo), Lucy Hale, and Kelsey Chow. Enjoy.

Jamie Chung Bra and Panties Pictures for A Pleasant Kind of Hangover

I dig Jamie Chung. I dig her deeply. And while Sucker Punch was like a sucker punch to the film taste buds, I’m already looking forward to adoring her hotness in the highly anticipated Hangover 2 this summer. These Jamie Chung lingerie pictures from of our friends at Esquire magazine are really a delightful taste of the icing on the Jamie Chung cake. She’s hot, she’s talented, and she looks good in underwear. If she were willing to support a semi-employed Adult Milk drinker, she could easily be the next Mrs. Egotastic! Oh, Jamie Chung, you do look good in black. Enjoy.

Jamie Chung Gonna Knock You Out (And You’ll Love It)

The best part about Sucker Punch, really, truly, well, besides the Vanessa Hudgens twatastic scandal, is the emergence of Jamie Chung, super sextastic actress whose future is as bright as she is hot. Seen here pimping the crap out of her movie in London, Jamie Chung reminds me of so many girls in high school who turned me down for the prom; I aimed for the stars, hoping to land somewhere above ground (and, for the record, my date, if you discount the couple or three visible canker sores on her lower hip, quite fetching in blue chiffon). Jamie Chung will be on the ogle radar of every man, boy, and man-boy in this universe by the end of this year; that’s a prediction you can bank on. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Fame / pacificcoastnewsonline.com / Fame

Not sold on Jamie Chung yet? Impossible! Still, check out these uncovered outtakes from her Maxim photospread of dos años past and see if you’re not falling off the fence on the side of Jamie Chung hotness.