Jaime Murray

Diane Kruger Bare-Arse Wonderment and Deborah Ann Woll Making the Passionate Sexy Highlight the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

Diane Kruger in The Bridge
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We are living in glorious times. While we do have to pay for 500 channels we don’t watch, there are a solid dozen now putting out mature fare for the mature viewers who like mature things. As a for instance, hot women without their clothes on. Everybody seems to be jumping on that bandwagon that started at the dawn of mankind. Or at least since we got our bobos dangling.

This week’s Boob Tube Roundup include Diane Kruger bare bottomed in FX’s second season of The Bridge, Deborah Ann Woll somehow having frenzied passion in True Blood but not quite flashing her udders, Lucy Walters tight nice booty in Power, Alexandra Gordon floating bare boobtastic in Hemlock Grove from Netflix, and Jaime Murray and her slender hot body make-up alien like for Defiance on SyFy. Let’s just file these ladies under the rather extensive list of sextastic celebrities I wouldn’t throw out of bed for really any reason. Such wonderful boob tube times. Enjoy.

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Boob Tube Roundup Features Margaret Qualley, That’s Andie MacDowell’s Hot Daughter (VIDEO)

Jaime Murray and Nicole Munoz Bath Scene in Defiance
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Definitely some new shows on the little screen this past week, featuring some new beauties, a few old beauties, and a bevy of skin. Most notably, though not quite nekkid, just in her panties and bra, Margaret Qualley, the hot brunette daughter of Andie MacDowell in her big new role in HBO’s The Leftovers.

Joining Margaret in the Boob Tube Roundup is Diana Terranova topless in Californication, Lucy Walters topless and making the sexy in Power, and fine female formed Jaime Murray flashing deep cleavage in the tub in Defiance. It’s something borrowed, something blue. I won’t tell you what’s blue, I’m too much of a gentleman. But check out these new bodies, err, faces and bodies. The Boob Tube always giveth. Enjoy.

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Kate Bosworth and Julie Benz Topless Wonderments In This Week’s Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

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It’s easy in the height of fall sports season with NFL, NBA, NHL, College Football and Basketball, and, of course, South American Women’s Beach Volleyball, to get lost in the manly visual perusal of athletics and completely disregard or forsake your commitment to scanning hot nekkid female bodies on your screens. Forsake not, my loyal friends. That might be forsaketh. Either way, please do save some time for the best of the bare hot bodies on your wall or in the theaters with a roadmap provided by our friends at Mr. Skin.

This week’s Mr. Skin Minute includes Kate Bosworth newly topless in theaters and on-demand in Big Sur, Jessica Marais and Elena Satine topless and getting it on in second and final season of Magic City on Blu-Ray, and Jaime Murray and Julie Benz topless in the complete series of Dexter also out on Blu-Ray. It’s celeb funbags galore on the little big screen. Enjoy.

(Naturally, don’t forget to give thanks this holiday season for your Ego-discounted Mr. Skin membership.)

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The Nekkid Girls of True Blood and Dexter Highlight the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

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The first day of summer usually kicks the theatrical movie season into high gear, and it usually means a dramatic increase in outdoor activities (at least according to all those mosquito and pesky fly spray ads that run this time of year), but our passions run much more indoors and shades drawn when receiving our weekly dose of what to look for nekkid onscreen from our friends at Mr. Skin.

This week’s Mr. Skin Minute includes Kelly Overton and Jamie Gray Hyder in a full frontal make-out sesh from the premiere episode of True Blood, the delightful entrance of Meredith Ostrom from Magic City flashing into our lives, and an ode to the sweet topless girls of Dexter, including Julie Benz and Jaime Murray. It may be summer now, but skintastic is all year long. Enjoy.

(And, do not forsake yourself or your skin-on-screen loving friends and family with an Ego discounted membership to Mr. Skin.com)

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The MSM Once-A-Week Skinematic Roundup Includes Sandy Greenwood, Kelly MacDonald, Lucy Lawless, and Jaime Murray


Well, Netflix may have just screwed the pooch by becoming less friendly, more expensive, and changing its name (my last girlfriend his this same sad trifecta before she dumped me for her remedial English instructor), but that doesn’t mean the skin in cinema product flow is stopping any time soon, so let’s take a look at the weekend forecast of flesh courtesy of our friends at Mr. Skin and the Mr. Skin Minute.

This week’s bare skin bonanza includes newcomer Sandy Greenword topless in Killer Elite, Kelly MacDonald full frontal on Blu-Ray, and Lucy Lawless and Jaime Murray entering the Greco-Roman lesbionic arena in Spartacus. Enjoy.

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Jaime Murray Hot and Topless and Nekkid All Over the Place (VIDEO)


Well, sexy actress Jaime Murray is having some of a Renaissance these past couple of years, or maybe it’s not Renaissance, but Greco-Roman, or some other age I know I was supposed to study in my Art History classes when I was mostly checking out my hot lesbian classmates. But this Spartacus business is quickly climbing the all-time TV charts of bootastic wonderment, with each episode flashing toga-disrobed funbags to the delight of viewers and the SPQR. Okay, so at times I do turn down the volume, to the ideal setting of zero, but, still, sound on or off, Jaime Murray and her fellow cast members are getting all kinds of female celebrity nekkid on this show and that makes it very Egotastic! Enjoy.

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Jaime Murray And Lucy Lawless Munch the Roman Rugs (VIDEO)


Are you watching Spartacus on Starz? You ought be, I mean, if you love sex and violence, I mean, of course you love sex and violence, hopefully in that order, and hopefully just the former for real, but you’ll also get a healthy dose of bodacious boobs and body in the form of Lucy Lawless, who we re-fell in lust with on Battlestar Galactica, and newcomer Jaime Murray, who sex up the small screen with some serious lesbionics of the nekkid Greco-Roman kind. There’s really nothing better than two sexy celebrities going down to muffin town. So, takes some time to enjoy.

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