Isabel Lucas

These Isabel Lucas and Teresa Palmer Shots from On Set Are Driving Me Wild

Let’s break this down all scientific.

Who doesn’t lust how Australians? And Isabel Lucas and Teresa Palmer are two mighty fine specimens from the land Down Under; two drop dead gorgeous young thespianics who have seen fit to dangle their darling wares in Hollywood, making Tinsel Town that much hotter.

Seeing the two girls splashing about in the ocean on the set of Knight of Cups, the Christian Bale movie that will likely prove to be heavier than a lead weight drenched in lead and soldered to even more lead weights, still, it all has me feeling very much like I broke into an Aussie schoolgirl sorority fantasy at just the moment before the skirts start dropping, which for my actual fantasy is about three nano-seconds from the beginning. I like to move quick.

Is it just me or are you seeing this too?  Enjoy.

Miranda Kerr and Isabel Lucas Lead Pack of Aussie Hotties at Louis Vuitton Event

Everything I know about Louise Vuitton can be summed up in my five minute foray into a store to buy one his purses for a girlfriend who expressed a specific desire for one for her birthday: in the first minute, I just stood there in shock as a I reviewed a price tag I could never afford, the next four minutes I took to exercising my bowels in the store washroom. An Egotastic! man always turns lemons into lemonade.

And speaking of all things sweet and tarty, the Down Under hottie clan gathered for a celebration of Louis in fine sextastic gaggle form, including the likes of MILFtastic Miranda Kerr, often overlooked naturally hot Isabel Lucas, inexplicable Jonas Brother girlfriend, Delta Goodrem, hot bodied Jessica Gomes, ooh la la Samantha Harris, and newcomer Cheyenne Tozzi. Now, that’s a purse party! Enjoy.

TGIF: Three Hotties To Think On This Weekend (Alessandra Ambrosio, Isabel Lucas, Victoria Justice)

The sun is on high, or is that, on nigh? It’s something something and it’s Friday, which means Bengie, our engineering geek is half-passed out from half-a-light-beer, Gretchen has her six fingers wrapped around (watch your dirty minds) a bottle of Two Buck Chuck, and Telly Kaman, the godly man who makes the world’s greatest shawarma, is shaving a slab of rotating meat product here in our office. (Note to kids: don’t drink, but do eat shawarma.)

It’s been a tremendous week of hot celebrities and serious boobage here at Egotastic! Still, allow me to gild the sextastic lily with three amazingly hot celebrities to keep the mind’s eye on this weekend as we take a brief break from our ogling duties: Alessandra Ambrosia, super smoking decked out hottie at the Vogue Masquerade Party in Paris, Isabel Lucas, the Aussie cutie hiding behind her glasses while visiting the museum, and Victoria Justice, my new junior inappropriate crush. I shall be mentally undressing the first two of these ladies (and innocently buying Victoria an ice cream cone) over the weekend.

Enjoy your weekend, from your friends at Egotastic!.

Photo credit: Splash News / INF Photo / Fame

Isabel Lucas is the New Hotness

After all these years of writing about Lindsay Lohan, and Paris Hilton, and Britney Spears, it’s nice to get some new faces (that are actually pretty) to brighten this place up, and they don’t get much newer, or prettier, than Isabel Lucas, who is in the new Transformers 2. I haven’t seen the movie yet because I have not yet mentally prepared myself for how bad it’s going to be, but it can’t be that bad with a girl like Isabel Lucas in it. Unless she’s as bad an actress as Megan Fox

Here are some frickin’ hot pictures Isabel Lucas bikini pictures taken on the beach, because there’s nowhere better to appreciate a woman’s beauty than on the beach. Or in your bed, but you can’t always get what you want.