Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk Models Lingerie Like She Means It

I’m not shy about expressing my base lust for Russian model Irina Shayk. Ever since the day we saw her providing soccer star room service to Ronaldo in New York, I’ve been both, well, extremely jealous, and filled with primal passion for wicked hot bodied Irina. It probably doesn’t help that every time I see her she’s barely clad in either lingerie or skimpy bikinis, flashing her amazing good looks and a female form that a man would set to sea and conquer the world for if he knew it would be his for but an hour upon his return. Which now makes me wish I knew how to sail a boat.

Check out Irina Shayk in this new Simons lingerie photoshoot and see if you don’t start writing her long letters begging for a pair of her used stockings too. I mean, not that I do that. Enjoy.

Irina Shayk Bikini Pictures for Beach Bunny Pimping Time

The marketing geniuses at Beach Bunny swimwear have delved deep into their singular bag of trickery once more, pulling forth Irina Shayk all sultry and hot in their bikinis for catalog sales through the roof.

You could literally sell any product by having Irina Shayk pose in a bikini, but I suppose selling actual bikinis makes the most sense. But don’t tell me you’re not coming to my kids lemonade stand first if Irina is there posing in her two piece and pushing glasses of sugar-water beverage for $1. If I was running for office, I’d say, sure I could tell you my policy positions, but how about instead I just show you Irina Shayk bending over in her bikini. Election day landslide. She’s that hot. Enjoy.

Doutzen Kroes and Irina Shayk Showing Off Hotties for Froufrou Event in New York

Who can keep track of all these upscale events in New York this weekend in and around fashion week? I can only tell you that I wasn’t invited to any again this year, damn fashion snobs. But, I do have my sources, and we have our ogling eyes peeping into all the best events, including this fancy fest that brought out super hotties Doutzen Kroes and Irina Shayk showing off some of their fine fun parts for the benefit of some good cause. Namely, our viewing pleasure.

Seeing Doutzen and Irina only serves to remind me that as much I’d love invites to these swank soirees, you really can’t show up without a supermodel on your arm, exiting out of your fancy car. So, I’ve got one year to upgrade my stepping out status such that next Fashion Week, I’m not rolling up in a Corolla with my cousin Anita in her back brace. I feel like there’s no obstacle I can’t overcome if girls like Doutzen and Irina are on the other side. Unless it involves heights, I’m not so good with heights. Enjoy.

Irina Shayk Sells Shoes With Her Smoking Hot Body

Not many women can sell shoes by having you not look at their shoes, but Irina Shayk can. That’s the power of being crazy hot. As I’ve said before, I don’t care what you’re selling, Irina Shayk is definitely the woman you want selling it for you.

In this new campaign for Xti footwear, Irina Shayk just brings her epic ‘gonna make you sweat’ factor to each and every photo, reminding you that while you may not care about a woman’s shoes, if it’s Irina Shayk wearing them, you’d gladly spend three hours discussing nothing but if you thought it would please her. Hot women really do have total control. Enjoy.

Irina Shayk Crazy Sextastic Bikini Pimping for Beach Bunny

That ever so simple formula again. Get Irina Shayk to model your bikinis. Sell your bikinis. The good two piece swimsuit selling folks at Beach Bunny figured this out a long time ago. Put the sultry sextastic Russian model in your little things, get her all tan and air blown by the way, and let her do her thing. Or, more aptly, let the people leering at her do their thing.

Irina Shayk is so hot if she were your aunt and she sent you socks every year for Christmas, she’d still be your favorite aunt by a mile. That’s the raw power of just looking ridiculously hot. Enjoy.

Penelope Cruz Directs Irina Shayk in a Lingerie Commercial — What Could Be Better? (VIDEO)

Short answer, nothing. Yes, this Agent Provocateur is a bit full of itself, but it’s also full of super hot ladies in little bits of lingerie, including the desperately sextastic Irina Shayk, who seduces a man like no other can. The entire long form commercial is written and directed by Penelope Cruz, who sadly decided not to also be the star (even after babies we’d lust to see Penelope back in lingerie) but choosing Irina Shayk and forty other super fine women surely makes up for it.

Even Penelope’s husband makes a surprise appearance in the video, though by the time you get to Javier Bardem, all the good stuff is kind of over. A must see. Enjoy.

Irina Shayk Stretch Pants Booty and Camel Toe Faptastic

Oh, blessed be the inventor of stretch pants, the most enduring and lust producing innovation in modern female fashion that gets my very mouth agape with visions of sugar plum camel toes and tight booty poses dancing in my head. Throw Irina Shayk into that stretch pants preening and body part exhibiting mix and you have the makings of a summer class.

The Russian supemodel was looking all kinds of hot running a regular errand in her New York neighborhood, in the most nicest of form fitting bottoms, revealing her A+ booty and an A+ with a cleft camel toe delight. It was like watching a long time dream come to life. Please, don’t pinch me, I don’t want to wake up. Enjoy.