Irina Shayk

Penelope Cruz Directs Irina Shayk in a Lingerie Commercial — What Could Be Better? (VIDEO)

Short answer, nothing. Yes, this Agent Provocateur is a bit full of itself, but it's also full of super hot ladies in little bits of lingerie, including the desperately sextastic Irina Shayk, who seduces a man like no other can. The entire long form commercial is written and directed by Penelope Cruz, who sadly decided not to also be the star (even after babies we'd lust to see Penelope back in lingerie) but choosing Irina Shayk and forty other super fine women surely makes up for it.

Even Penelope's husband makes a surprise appearance in the video, though by the time you get to Javier Bardem, all the good stuff is kind of over. A must see. Enjoy.

Irina Shayk Stretch Pants Booty and Camel Toe Faptastic

Oh, blessed be the inventor of stretch pants, the most enduring and lust producing innovation in modern female fashion that gets my very mouth agape with visions of sugar plum camel toes and tight booty poses dancing in my head. Throw Irina Shayk into that stretch pants preening and body part exhibiting mix and you have the makings of a summer class.

The Russian supemodel was looking all kinds of hot running a regular errand in her New York neighborhood, in the most nicest of form fitting bottoms, revealing her A+ booty and an A+ with a cleft camel toe delight. It was like watching a long time dream come to life. Please, don't pinch me, I don't want to wake up. Enjoy.

Damn, Irina Shayk Is Really Good Looking in Tight Black Leather

Damn. That's just about all I got. Checking out these photos of the sultry luscious goodness that is Irina Shayk in GQ Russia, well, it's simply all there. Wicked hot girl, ridiculously delightful body, black leather, lots of skin. It's like the four parts of a perfect visual sandwich.

Ever since we first saw Irina Shayk sneaking around Manhattan and out of her soccer boyfriend's hotel room, well, there's been a certain feeling of desire that's hard to put into words. I think it's best described by a very hard biting of the lip, the sound of whimpering, and punching yourself in the ear. Like a dog would if it had opposable arm joints while desperately waiting for its favorite treat. Very much like a dog in fact. Irina Shayk, you are just amazingly hot. Enjoy.

Irina Shayk Bikini Picture Epic Hot Madness from Miami

Today might just be the day when the super model hotties step out from their paid gigs to offer up a free and ridiculously hot bikini show to the general ogling audience.

It was impossible not to crank your neck to the sights of Irina Shayk stepping across the sandy shores of Miami in her little orange bikini, highlighting her perfect body like a semaphore signaling every man and Sapphic leaning woman within eyeshot. Damn, the layers of suntan lotion I'd like to apply and clean off and reapply on Irina Shayk.

I might just be tempted to gather up the grains of sand in her wake and build a bucket full of happy foot prancing memories of the sextastic sultry angel in orange. She could drive a man to do some seemingly nutty things. I am prepared for them all. Enjoy.

Irina Shayk Almost Slips a Nip on Photoshoot in Ibiza

Irina Shayk is undoubtedly one of the hottest female forms in the world. So, yes, we're tracking her every body movement, leg swing, buttons unbuttoning, always hoping for a glimpse of even more Shayk goodness.

And she almost flashed some of her prized teats during a photoshoot in Spain with her top undone enough to show ample amounts of her fine fluffy friends, and almost, but not quite, her tasty headlights. I feel like maybe I need to light a few more candles or say some more prayers or just get a better camera. Still, Irina Shayk cleavage is nothing to sneeze at. She is one rather attractive woman. Enjoy.

Irina Shayk See-Through Goodness Is Evening Time Fun You’d Want to Last Til Morning

Do you happen to like a world class sultry model in nothing but black stockings and panties? Well, then you sir and Sapphic leaning lady are quite in luck today as Irina Shayk appears like the naughtiest of little devils in this Dusan Reljin photoshoot that has my toes curled, my blood boiling, and my arms trying to form a reverse Heisman.

Irina Shayk just exudes the sextastic, out of every nook, cranny, and gorgeous pore on her body. The idea that she can be dressed in skimpy little evening time nothings and posed in bendable positions like the universe's hottest Gumby, well, this possibility is going to take a long time to settle. Oh, that body, those sweet boobtastic. I'm in lust all over again. Enjoy.

Irina Shayk Deep Delicious Cleavage in Cannes

Irina Shayk made her arrival at Cannes quite memorable. I'm assuming she's not in a movie being shown, but she is super hot and a world class model, which also buys you the right at Cannes to show off your stuff on the red carpet. And that she did. Her two wonderful stuffs in a deeply plunging straight to my heart dress that flashed much of her softer finer points.

It's hard not to want to take Irina Shayk back to your Monte Carlo hotel suite or your yacht stationed off the coast and ravish her up and down and just a tad bit sideways. Of course, to do that, you will likely need a Monte Carlo hotel suite or a yacht. Working on it. Enjoy.