India Reynolds

Sneak Peek at the Best of the 2013 Glamour Model Calendars


Oh, now they've gone and done it. Our friends across the drink at Nuts magazine have slipped in a preview pic from the 2013 wall calendar of a bevy of our favorite British babes and forced us to decide who we like the best. Oh, cursed, yet completely awesome fate.

How is one to choose between the likes of Rhian Sugden, India Reynolds, Sophie Reade, Sabine Jemeljanova and the whole cadre of naughty nipple-baring bodacious hot models? Well, we here have the luxury of not having to choose, they're all going on our wall. But who will be strutting their stuff next annum as they hang in your private space?

Rosie Jones Battles India Reynolds In Hot August Topless Behind the Scenes (VIDEO)


With all the battles we initiate, you might think us warrior types, but we're lovers, not fighters, lovers specifically of the sweet hot bodies of some of our favorite British boobtastics, in this case, the young but legendary Rosie Jones and the luscious hot India Reynolds in competing hot August photoshoots for Nuts magazine.

Both of these masters of the sextastic turn and preen for the cameras as their tops come off and beg you to compare and contrast their epic wonderments. If only these videos were available in Scratch n' Sniff format, we'd be in heaven. Enjoy.

Rosie Jones And Friends Drop Some ‘Brilliant Breasts’ for Ta-Ta-Tuesdays


Leave it to our funbag fascinated friends at Nuts magazine to deliver an Olympian effort of chest puppy goodness in their 'Brilliant Breasts' issue of the magazine, featuring the stunning, now 22-year old Rosie Jones along with her friends Nicole Neal, Arabella Drummond, and India Reynolds, all aptly named for this particular issue.

Now, we have no idea if these girls really are true friends, but in our imagination, not only are the BFFs getting manicures and pedicures, but they're having whipped cream fights in the raw, laying on bear skin rugs, rolling around in tubs full of Jell-O, and calling Egotastic! for a late night giggling booty call. But that is our imaginations. Enjoy.

India Reynolds, Lucy Collett, and Emily Johnston Topless Catty Naughty Play for Front


This new trend of getting hot girls together for topless playtime fun photoshoots, well, it might be a relatively new trend for magazines, but I know that those same ideas have been swirling about in many of our heads here since before even our family jewels descended comfortably into their housing.

The whole of sextastic celebrities like India Reynolds, Lucy Collett, and Emily Johnston are much greater than just the mere sum of their hot delicious curvy parts. It's a whole new ballgame when the girls get together in a Sapphic leaning collective, as they are in this month's Front magazine, posing, preening, being catty -- it's just like my dreams, minus the giant heartshaped jacuzzi filled with bean dip. Enjoy.

India Reynold and Holly Peers Go Melon to Melon in Our Thursday Page 3 Battle of the Bare Boobtastic


Did you happen to know that we here at Egotastic! are obsessed with the sight of sweetly-ripened, full and harmonious, dangling, jiggling, and otherwise wiggling funbags? Well, now you know our true hearts.

The chance to pit these wonderments of nature, and their sextastic owners, ta-to-ta each week in a battle of chest puppy supremacy, well, it's nothing more than an honor and a hobby that we proudly list on our resumes right next to spelunking.

This week's spectacle of the chesticles features two veteran favorites, India Reynolds, gorgeous, hot, bosom-babe, against Holly Peers, who in a thousand topless photos, has never ever disappointed. Two girls, four orbs, one big smile. Enjoy.

Who Takes The Chest Cake This Week?

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Lucy Collett Battles India Reynolds, Two Titans of the Ta-Tas in Our Thursday Page 3 Battle


This one could be epic. Redhead vs. Brunette. Hottie vs. Hottie. Naughty vs. Nice.

This week's Page 3 battle of the chest puppies features two of the greats, the up and coming rising sextastic star, Lucy Collett, versus highly underrated, multi-year glamour model India Reynolds in a ta-to-ta flesh fight where the only losers are those who don't check them out.

Boob fight. Engage! (and enjoy).

Lucy Collett vs. India Reynolds, Who Is Your Thursday Funbag Favorite?

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India Reynolds Booby Babes Pictorial Is Out of This Mammarial World


I remember being a kid at the ice cream parlor, must have been taken there by Old Man Gumps, he restrained himself to above the waist tender caresses, which seemed like a reasonably fair deal for an ice cream cone if you were among the kids whose folks would not provide you the dairy treat otherwise. One of these times, the guy serving ice cream brought out two scoops instead of one, and with an 'Oops, I gave you too much' was about to whisk away the bowl when Old Man Gumps grabs him firmly by the wrist and says, 'There's no such thing as too much of a good thing.' For a dirty old man, that Gumps could drop a load of wisdom on you.

Ice cream, or outrageously hot funbags, which are essentially the ice cream for grown up boys, too much is never enough. So, for a second helping of Ta Ta Tuesdays, why not serve up the amazingly sextastic India Reynolds in her latest and greatest Nuts pictorial, the appropriately titled Booby Babes shoot. I'll take two scoops of that please.

So, even though I'm feeling melancholy for Old Man Gumps, I can still picture how the misunderstanding parents drove him out of town, life is truly bittersweet, and India Reynolds today is providing the sweet parts. Enjoy.