India Reynolds

I Love India Reynolds Smile

India Reynolds Topless Striptease in Blue Tights on a Chair
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So, shoot me. I’m a sucker for a girl with a friendly smile. When flight attendants tell me welcome aboard, I kiss them back (the ones we used to call stewardesses at least). And India Reynolds has one of the warmest smiles ever.

Oh, sure, the cynical among you will probably say, ‘Bill, you’re so full of shit, you just like India because she has a smoking hot body, delicious curves, and funbags that could happily feed 52% of the world.” And I would ask you how you intend to feed the other 48%. Because you are right, except for that part about being full of shit, I’m only half full, my other half is filled with lust for women with ridiculously sextastic shapes and alluring exhibitions. Again, like India Reynolds. Oh, God, I wish I was that chair! Enjoy.

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Mellisa Clarke Torso Taunts India Reynolds in the Weekly Battle of the Boobtastic

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Are you kidding me? I need to choose between the greater of two amazing sets of fabulous funbags as to which set of fluffy wonderments are superior to the five senses? I am kidding, for this is not my job, but your sacred weekly duty. To stare longingly into the bare chests of two outrageously hot women like Mellisa Clarke and India Reynolds, and declare the more perfect, the greater among equals, the capo di tutti capi of crazy sweet melons. Do you have the nerve to pull the trigger?

This is the Battle of the Boobtastic. There is definitely crying in this sport. So, whose ta-ta’s reign supreme?

Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic: Mellisa Clarke vs. India Reynolds

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Thank God It’s Funbags! Rosie Jones and India Reynolds Topless Tennis for Wimbledon Win

Rosie Jones and India Reynolds Play Tennis Topless for Nuts
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What with Wimbledon well under way and tennis on the minds of people who can’t find any other sports to watch this time of year betwixt basketball and football and with baseball in its dog days, what better way to tribute the female side of the sport than with two faptastically buxom blessed hotties by the names of Rosie Jones and India Reynolds.

The boys at Nuts magazine have outdone themselves this time with a hot bodied and melon-filled take on the sport of kings. No volleys or lobs in this game between Rosie and India. Just aces and slams and a whole lot of loves. My, oh, my, how suddenly a sport can become interesting.

You made it to Friday. Now kick up your heels, pop that beer top, and imagine yourself having a little grass court time with the likes of Rosie and India. TGIF!

India Reynolds Stacks Her Stacks Up Against Courtnie Quinlan in the Battle of the Boobtastic

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Wow, both of our competitors today, the righteously hot India Reynolds and the exotic looking beauty, Courtnie Quinlan, look like the types of girls I could have taken to my high school prom, had I not been previously committed to escort the large and lovely third clarinetist from our school’s marching band. So much marching, but she never seemed to work off those extra lbs. But, I digress, and away from the chesty goodness of both of these finely endowed Page 3 hotties. Topless and ready to contest for the title of the week’s best chestal fineries.

The Battle of the Boobtastic truly has no losers, I mean, except for the girl who will actually lose today and go home emotionally crushed. And it is your job to make one go home unhappy and one go home flying high. So, in your humble opinion, whose ta-ta’s reign supreme?

Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic: India Reynolds vs. Courtnie Quinlan

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India Reynolds Topless Six String and Two Perfect Licks

India Reynolds Topless 'Guitar Hero' Shoot for Loaded Magazine July 2013
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Move over Angus Young, I think I just bumped you from my list of all-time favorite guitar players, quite in favor of the belusted India Reynolds flashing her axe and her twin cans of goodness in this month’s Loaded magazine.

Now, I wouldn’t normally put topless sextastic women playing instruments as my favorite fantasy land motif, but I must say, seeing the smoking hot brunette, few clothes, and her six-string, well, I’m starting to have some rocker chick fantasies like you would not believe. Or, you probably would actually if you’re already here. Enjoy.

India Reynolds Topless Page 3 Photoshoot

India Reynolds Topless Wonderments Put the Mmm in Mammarial Monday

India Reynolds BTS Topless Photoshoot with NUTS
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Behind the scenes shots of gloriously hot India Reynolds on a Monday morning? Yes, I’ll take two servings of that please. Who says the work week has to only involve work? Or anything to do with work for that matter?

Let’s be honest, you’re not a slave to your boss, but you are a slave to extremely good looking bodacious bodied women. You’d kiss India Reynold’s shoes if so ordered. Personally, I wouldn’t wait for orders, I’d go dive in and apologize later. Hey, sexual fetish addiction (SFA) is a real disease. And India Reynolds is giving it to me very badly (or is that goodly?) this Mammarial Monday.

Bless you, India and our friends at Nuts magazine, for providing a ridiculously hot cushion landing for the return to Monday. Enjoy.

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