India Reynolds

India Reynolds Goes Breast To Breast With Rhian Sugden In Our Weekly Battle of the Boobtastic

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It’s time once again to pick between two super hot women for who is the most sextastically boobtastic. It is a difficult challenge to choose between such fine specimens as these two Page 3 girls. It’s like selecting which one of your children you love more. No, it’s tougher than that because there is always one kid you love more than the other. But I feel drawn to each of these ladies equally. You can examine their ample assets to figure out which you’d prefer to motorboat. Ultimately, it’s a matter of preference and I wonder which one you will pick.

This week our two ladies are India Reynolds and Rhian Sugden going head to head in our Battle of The Boobtastic. I like to pretend that rather than just having our dear readers choose, these two lovely ladies go at each other with giant gloves on in a foxy boxing match. Maybe in a pool of Jell-O. Yeah. So, which girl do you choose to be the most Boobtastic, India or Rhian?

Battle of the Boobtastic: India Reynolds vs. Rhian Sugden

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Thank God It’s Funbags! The Gloriously Hot India Reynolds Strips Down in the Boudoir for Hot Bodied Perfection

India Reynolds Does A Sexy Topless Striptease In The Bedroom
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If by chance you be looking to end your week on the solace and succor of a supremely hot woman with amazing funbags, then have I got the answer for you. India Reynolds must  be heaven sent, because I prayed for … I can’t remember the rest of that line and I lost my train of thought watching this rather sextacular striptease on the part of the Britty brunette babe. I think it’s her smile, or everything beneath, that is driving me absolutely crazy.

On Fridays, we offer up gratitude to the best of the boobtastic that fills out hearts with warmth and our shorts with even more warmth. India Reynolds not only fits that bill, she rubs it all over herself with an alluring smile. That body of hers is simply to die for, but please live, such that one day she might show up at your door and ask you to scratch her back, starting with the front. Thank God It’s Funbags!

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Kelly Hall Literally Holds Her Own Against India Reynolds in The Weekly Battle of the Boobtastic

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Well, hello there, young ladies. You want to what? Take off your tops and pit your precious puppies against one another in competition of quantity, quality, and lust-inducement-ability? Fair enough, but don’t take this decision lightly, Kelly Hall and India Reynolds. Because when I turn on the spotlights and open up the Thunderdome, there is no going back. You and your sweet chesty meats will be judged by a million and one men with motorboat fantasies that only end when their neck strain becomes too intense to continue.

So be it. Kelly and India, two supremely fine contestants in the Battle of the Boobtastic. But only one can take home the chintzy prize package. So, I ask you, whose ta-ta’s reign supreme?

Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic: Kelly Hall vs. India Reynolds

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India Reynolds Topless in Tights for a Very Merry Mammarial Monday

India Reynolds Goes Topless in Tights
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Ah, hot girls in tights. Most definitely on my list of 17,164 approved, condoned, and otherwise delightful fetishes involving sextastic women with ridiculously hot bodies. Those tights on super bodacious India Reynolds, well the perfect accompaniment to perfectly positioned special winter melons. I feel like I might break into song. If only I knew a ditty about a girl with an amazing rack stripping down to just her pink tights in the office place.

On Mondays, we kick off the work week with an absolutely dedication to all that is round and soft and designed to turn frowns into smiles. The righteous chest puppies on India Reynolds makes me want to share a grin with the entire world. Enjoy.

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Mellisa Clarke and India Reynolds Go Ta to Ta in the Weekly Battle of the Boobtastic

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It’s time. The weekly contest for chestal supremacy is upon us like white on rice, or hands upon some of the finest boobs in the land. Come one, come all, as two brunette hottie titans of the chestal region do battle in the only arena that counts, before thine eyes.

Alt-natural inked up doll Mellisa Clarke lays her melons on the line against cagey wicked veteran India Reynolds to see who will win the blue ribbon for tremendous teats.

One will win, one will not win so much, you must decide. Who’s ta-ta’s reign supreme?

Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic: Mellisa Clarke vs. India Reynolds

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India Reynolds and Danica Thrall Topless Kickoff to Yuletide in Earnest

India Reynolds and Danica Thrall Topless Nuts Xmas Shoot December 2013
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I know retailers begin the Christmas season in about August now, but it’s not officially Christmas for me until the glamour girls in the U.K. start flaunting their bodacious bare tops in holiday themed outfits. That’s when I start to hear the bells on the Polar Express and believe once more in the spirit of St. Nick. Who else to thank for the benevolent first gift of super hotties like India Reynolds and Danica Thrall getting topless teasy for the season of giving amazing bouncy looks.

Well, we could thank our friends at Nuts magazine most certainly, nobody loves Christmas more than those chaps. And, all of you who support the undressing of stupendously hot women around the Xmas time with your eyeballs and hanging tongues. Everybody has a part to play in this great seasonal drama. Fine tuned, like Santa’s workshop. Enjoy.


India Reynolds and Beth Humphreys Topless and Fooling Around Just Like In My Dreams

India Reynolds and Beth Humphreys Topless for Nuts November 2013
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It’s not humanly possible that I’m going to glance past an image of two ridiculously hot topless girls snapping each other’s lingerie. It’s simply unfathomable. Like a fox not noticing an unprotected game bird around the henhouse or an L.A. parking control officer not noticing my meter expired over two seconds ago. It’s just not going to happen. When you consider it’s outrageously hot glamor models India Reynolds and Beth Humphreys featured in the latest edition of Nuts magazine, I’m not only going to notice, I’m going to begin hand carving a stone shrine to the blessed visual event.

Not that I’ve ever imagined having two luscious brunettes in my super-mini mansion helping each other strip out of their lingerie while whispering out, ‘Bill, it’s all for you.’, but if I did imagine such things, it’s fair to say it would be exactly like that. In this season of thanks, I most definitely see two more additions to my VIP gratitude list. Enjoy.

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