Imogen Thomas

Imogen Thomas Form Fitting Hotness for U.K. Lingerie Awards (with Bonus Sweaty Workout Promotional Photos)

I'm not exactly sure what precisely constitutes the U.K. Lingerie Awards, I only know that I'm offended I was not invited. Who loves lingerie more than a man who spends three days a week secreted beneath the discount panties table at the local Victoria's Secret mall store? That's right, nobody.

Imogen Thomas Fitness DVD Promotional StillsAlso, what I don't understand, why I don't get to see the ridiculously busty and hot Imogen Thomas in the lingerie she was wearing to the lingerie awards. I mean, I can imagine, oh, how I can imagine, what she has on underneath her super-form fitting dress. And it's a fun past time. But certainly, the real thing would be better (unless, of course, she's wearing nothing at all under that dress, in which case, it would be much better). Still, us being lust-filled catatonic Imogen Thomas passion monkeys, we just had to share some more Imogen-skin with our readers, so definitely take a look at these downright amazing promotional stills from Imogen's workout DVD. I guess if you want to have a body like Imogen, you'll buy her DVD. Or, if you just want to ogle her body, which is why I own three copies. Enjoy.

Imogen Thomas Survives a Year of Sex Scandal to Produce Next Year’s Sexy Bikini Calendar

It's been a scandal-filled 2011 for glamour model and bazooka busty TV personality, Imogen Thomas, even since being linked to cheating-parts football star, Ryan Giggs (the British left winger who it seems was not only boning Imogen on the side, but also his sister-in-law, goal!). But through the sordid scandal and the media craze, Imogen Thomas has come through with a delicious pair of hooties and a bikini body just rife for the 2012 calendar season. This first look at Imogen's next year bikini pictorial gives you some evidence as to why a man would risk bumping uglies outside his marriage even at the peril of being put in the doghouse by his wife, and other mistresses and such. Enjoy.

Lady of Spain

Imogen Thomas busty bikini body. (TheSuperficial)

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Imogen Thomas Bikini Calendar Photoshoot Shows Off A Woman Doubly Ripe for Scandal

Former Big Brother contestant and current glamour model caught up in controversy, Imogen Thomas jetted down to Spain for her 2012 Calendar photoshoot and, well, I think it's obvious why so many men, even the married ones like U.K. football star, Ryan Giggs, are willing to go to great lengths to firmly pound the dough of this luscious woman. When calendar production season meets up with bikini season meets up with ridiculously sexy and boobtastic celebrities such as Imogen Thomas, well, this truly is the most wonderful time of the year. Enjoy.

Imogen Thomas Ignores Gossip With Chesty Stretchy Workout

Here's how I typically react to stress and pressure -- the devouring of Rold Gold Twists. 1-lb bag, my salty fingers stinging in my tear soaked eyes as I flagellate myself about the thorax for forgetting to tape Judge Judy. Sober afternoons are hard on me.

Actress and glamour model Imogen Thomas seems to have a better plan for dealing with all the press and stress about her ugly bumping sessions on the side with married footballer Ryan Giggs (who, it seems, was also boot knocking his sister-in-law) -- shimmying into a tight little workout outfit and hitting the public park for some sexy stretches, tummy crunches and deep knee bends. The nipple pokes a certain sign of aerobic goodness, the buttockal tautness a certain sign of how I will be spending my own afternoon, with Imogen, without Judge Judy. Fair trade indeed. Enjoy.

Imogen Thomas Busts Out of Scandal Mode With Boobtastic Flare

Well, the Ryan Giggs U.K. affair(s) is getting to be nearly as seedy as Weinergate over here in the States, with new revelations that the Manchester United footballer was not only unfaithfully knocking boots with super sexy Welsh glamour model, Imogen Thomas, but also apparently had a long term outside-the-marriage boinkfest going on with his sister-in-law. (This is actually better than The Tudors.) And, if I were laying odds with a London bookmaker, I'd bet my entire mint-in-box Jedi action figure collection that if there's two honeys, there's twenty.

Apparently, the super sextastic Imogen Thomas took the news that she is but one of multiple side dishes pretty hard (it's apparently a mistress pecking order thing that men will never understand) and on top of all the media hounding from the Giggs affair, Imogen has been hiding herself from the public. But, no longer. Imogen took to the London pub and club scene last night in a rather delightfully revealing little red dress that flashed her award-winning cleavage in fine night time fashion. On top of this, our good friend at Nuts magazine released a pictorial from Imogen Thomas that gives some bodily evidence as to why a man (let alone a Man U man) would be willing to cheat on both his wife and his sister-in-law. Oh, what a tangled and naughty sexual web we weave. Enjoy.

Super Injunction Gives Way To Super Boobtastic: Manchester United Midfielder Ryan Giggs Knocking Boots With Imogen Thomas

I'll be the first to admit I don't know squat about British privacy laws. I'm told they're hard on journalists, which always strikes us Yanks as anti-freedom of the press, one of the civil rights we pretzel munching bloggers hold quite dear. Apparently, Ryan Giggs, Man U midfielder and highly decorated veteran British footballer was off-marriage sampling a little Imogen Thomas, Welsh beauty queen and hottie glamour model routinely seen on Limey TV. Well, there was this super-injunction (which I guess is even more super than a normal injunction) ordered by the British courts to prevent every damn lad on the isle of England from publishing the dude's name anywhere once the affair came to light.

Two things come to mind: first, that just seems stupid and I guess it became even more stupid when upwards of 75,000 protesting UKers un-super-injunctioned the news via Twitter, and, second, who the heck denies bumping uglies with banging hottie Imogen Thomas? I mean, c'mon, your wife already knows and she's going to take you to the cleaners. Stand up and claim your handiwork, Mr. Giggs. Just look at these Imogen Thomas pictures of the cleavetastic model leaving her home; so hawt. Forget a super-injunction preventing this news from leaking out; if I'm the lucky bastard at the center of this sextroversy, I'm buying a super-bullhorn and riding up and down the streets announcing it myself. For a tough guy midfielder, Ryan Giggs sure is a pus... well, not so tough. Enjoy.