Holly Peers

Holly Peers Pulling (Her Top Off) for The Lakers, Will It Help?


Isolation Kobe may or may not prove to be a winning strategy for the still under .500 Los Angeles Lakers, but what is certain to help is having a ridiculously hot topless girl in your corner rooting for your team. Enter Britty hottie Holly Peers, removing her Lakers jersey in Front magazine.

Now, you can take this as a sign that Holly is a big Lakers fan, or I suppose you could take it as a sign she's taking off her jersey as a sign of her displeasure with the team's performance, but, personally, we take it as a sign that she just wants to show you her spectacular jugs and forget all about sports. I'm pretty sure the last part is working. Enjoy.

Thank God It’s Funbags! Rosie Jones and Holly Peers Giggly Silly Topless Frontal Fun


This isn't just any Friday, this is Super Bowl Friday, the Friday before the day when every red-blooded American male, a few of our favorite football-loving females, and just people who like to watch the commercials, gather round the guacamole and chips and lose their effin' shit (myself, I will probably lose my rent money on top of my shit).

So, before we turn into vicarious beasts of the gridiron this weekend, why not a calming balm of boobtastic goodness, some sensationally sweet and playful funbags couresy of two gloriously good-looking gal pals, Rosie Jones and Holly Peers, playing so innocently topless with each other in the new edition of Front magazine, and making us realize, that it's not how the game is played, it's who wins that matters. And seeing Rosie and Holly topless frolicking, we win.

Thank God It's Funbags!

Holly Peers Topless With Her Brunette Friends for Ta-Ta-Tuesday


Have we grown up enough as a ogling people to admit that while blondes might have more fun, brunettes can be far more naughty, as evidenced by Holly Peers, hanging out with a bunch of her friends all topless and like in her latest Nuts magazine pictorial, like we imagine hot girls to be when they're all getting kissy and pillow fighty together.

Now, on this particular Ta-Ta-Tuesday, we give a shoutout to the unspoken mysterious hotness of girls with darker hair, proud browns and ravens who you just know are up to no good in such a very good way. Enjoy.

Nicole Neal Pits Her Puppies Against Holly Peers In Our Weekly Battle of the Boobtastic


If there's any one thing finer than the twin pair of goodies on the front end of some of the most beautiful women in the world, it's putting those goodies in battle against one another to smoosh and smash and flop and fluffy and determine whose happy jacks provide superior visual delight.

Yes, it's like choosing which of your children you love the most, but coming from a background where my parents told me I clearly was never in the running from that title, I'm just cynical enough to force you into your own Solomon's choice. And this week, that choice is between Page 3 stunning blonde Nicole Neal and veteran mistress of the mmmm funbags, Holly Peers.

Two delicious delightful delights, but only one set of puppies can leave with the gold medal. So, I ask you, whos ta-ta's reign supreme?

Page 3 Battle of the Boobtastic: Nicole Neal vs. Holly Peers

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Xmas Toplessness Isn’t Over Until We Decide It Is! Holly Peers and Rosie Jones Take You Behind the Scenes of Their Yuletide Funbags Photoshoot


Outside of spiked egg nog (because eggs and booze were ever meant to be together) and watching my buddy Burt's young overseas bride go commando underneath her Santa's helper costume again this year, the very best part of Christmas are the bountiful bevy of boobtastic babes going quite topless to celebrate the season. Our friends at Nuts magazine are among the lads magazines that do such a fine job turning the birth of the Christian Savior into an excuse for epic levels of funbaggery, including this second installment of Holly Peers and Rosie Jones dropping the tops off their Yuletide costumes and riding something close to a reindeer together.

Now, some people believe that the holidays are about family and tradition and old school values, as do we. Sextastic topless sweethearts just happens to be our family tradition. Enjoy.

Humpday Huzzah! Rosie Jones and Holly Peers Help Ring In Christmas With Topless Kissing


It's beginning to look a lot like topless Christmas these days, with our friends from Nuts magazine now joining the fray of hot girls, fake snow, and tons of Yuletide funbaggery. And with the likes of Rosie Jones and Holly Peers dropping their tops to smoke Santa's chimney, well, who can not feel the seasonal spirit within.

There truly is no better holiday than Xmas to celebrate the bodacious celebrity babes we honor all year, but at this time of the year, we are especially grateful for their presence in our anatomical hearths. Enjoy.

Lucy Pinder, India Reynolds, Holly Peers, and Rosie Jones Fabulous Funbag Foursome for X-mas Joy


It truly is the most wonderful time of the year. When children are laughing and playing in the snow. Mistletoe hanging. Trees a flocking. And the sense of winter wonderment is everywhere. Most especially on the pages of Nuts magazine for their annual X-mas special pictorial featuring four of the hottest women on this here planet, Lucy Pinder, India Reynolds, Rosie Jones, and Holly Peers literally lighting your yule logs on fire with topless holiday merriment.

Now, I know every family has their own Christmas traditions, but in the Egotastic! house, the annual leering and ogling of Britty glamour models jiggling about and tossing fake snowballs ranks well above ornament dangling. Enjoy.