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Hilary Swank Artsy Pictures Continue to Build Her Comeback Resume

The Hilary Swank hits keep on coming; she's starting to grow on me, seriously. I think it takes a big man to love all different kinds of hot women. And, who out there is not a big man? These Hilary Swank pictures in CS Magazine are a tad on the artsy side for me (and you know how I feel about artsy without the boobs, what is the point really at times) but she's looking good. It's undeniable sextacity, maybe not for everyone, but something there for some of you. And, making you happy makes me happy. I'm like Santa Claus, but, you know, my big red gift bag is full of nipple slips and hot ass shots. Enjoy.

Hilary Swank Lingerie Pictures Can Be Actually Quite Hot

Egotastic! is all about sexy celebrities, and, of course, while some sextastic cases are open and shut, there are others that sneak upon you and require some solemn evaluation, sometimes, even women that are popular targets for ridicule by the guys after hours after a few drinks. Oh, admit it, Hilary Swank is one of those girls. But I'm here to tell you, in moments, such as these Hilary Swank lingerie pictures, she holds her own with many many Hollywood hotties. You know you're ogling these pictures right now, so slowly lower that mug of hate, and drink in the cup of sexy Swank for just one blissful morning. Enjoy.

Hilary Swank Skin-Tight Spandex for the Boobtastic Comeback

It's been some time since we posted Hilary Swank on the site, and, yeah, there are times when she does look just a tad like my Uncle Wayne, but there's no denying the boobs and body on this workout queen are rather extraordinary. This is by far the sexiest Hilary Swank has looked in a very long while, so, she's more than deserving of making a comeback on Egotastic! Nevertheless, if she goes back to looking like Uncle Wayne, she'll quickly lose her license to be ogled. Enjoy.

The Oscars Were Shit

Fuck me, this year's Oscar show was beyond brutal. Besides a few funny jokes from Steve Martin, and Ben Stiller in Avatar makeup, it was a complete and utter waste of fucking time. There weren't even any sexy dresses on the red carpet, so what we have here is all the hot ladies I could find from all the various Oscar parties going on his weekend, arranged (mostly) in order of cleavage.

Christina Hendricks

Hilary Swank

Miley Cyrus

Anna Kendrick

Tatiana Ali

Diane Kruger

Carey Mulligan

Elizabeth Banks

Natalie Portman

Vanessa Hudgens

Maria Menounos

Kelly Brook

Hilary Swank Bikini Pictures

Hilary Swank used to be hot. And while I wouldn't kick her out bed for eating crackers, in these Hilary Swank bikini pictures, she looks more like she did in that movie where she played the girl who wanted to be a guy, than the sexy lady we love. But I think that's mostly due to the hair. It's not her best look. Nor do those sunglasses make her look any less like an insect than she needs to. But really, I'm nitpicking. In reality she's still pretty hot. But you'd be better off brown-bagging it.

More Hilary Swank bikini pictures after the jump.

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80th Academy Awards Mega Picture Post

It's Oscar time again, and that means tons and tons of pictures from this year's 80th Academy Awards. If you didn't watch the show, you didn't miss too much, though this time around was quite a bit more bearable than years past. If only because they only ran about 15 minutes long, instead of an extra hour or two like usual.

But getting down to business, it's all about the Oscar fashions, and those sexy dresses. Things were kept fairly conservative this year, but some of my favourites were Amy Adams, Anne Hathaway, Cameron Diaz, Diane Lane, Ellen Page, Heidi Klum, Hilary Swank, Jessica Alba (looking pretty damn good for a pregnant girl), Katherine Heigl, and my personal favourite of the night, the absolutely perfect Keri Russell.

Of course, their were lots more ladies on the red carpet, and you can find them all after the jump, with nearly 200 pictures.

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Hilary Swank Bikini Pictures Are Actually Pretty Sexy

I know we've talked about how Hilary Swank's breasts are basically non-existent before, but you know what, I'm totally willing to overlook that, because these Hilary Swank bikini pictures look amazing. I don't think I've ever seen such a tight tummy before, and her overall figure is stunning. True, the loss of the boobage is sad, but life isn't always about breasts. Just most of the time.

More hot Hilary Swank bikini pictures after the jump.

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