Helena Mattsson

Helena Mattsson Joins My List of Unrequited Swedish Loves

The last time we saw the super hot Helena Mattsson, I believe she was having a glorious wardrobe malfunction at the Iron Man 2 premiere. No such luck here, but since I am still in a long distance lust-affair with Helena, I couldn’t help but notice how hot she looked at the ACE Awards the other evening. Someday, I can’t help but think, she’s going to return one of the 137 messages I’ve left on her voicemail. I mean, 137 seems like that magic number. Call me my little Swedish flower. I’m waiting. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Fame

Helena Mattsson Topless Bikini Pictures FTW

Swedish-born awesomeness, Helena Mattsson is the new ultra hotness, and if that Helena Mattsson nipple slip from last week wasn’t enough, here are some awesome Helena Mattsson bikini pictures from Maxim, including one Helena Mattsson topless picture. Now, if you think you can find a more beautiful woman in the world, I’d like to see you try.

Photo credit: Kayt Jones for Maxim

Helena Mattsson Nipple Slip Can Defeat Iron Man


Okay, so I wrote this whole post before noticing that there is a Helena Mattsson nipple slip in the very last picture. So I’m changing the title from “Helena Mattsson is the Hottest Woman Alive” to “Helena Mattsson Nipple Slip Can Defeat Iron Man.” It only seems appropriate. Here is the original post:

It’s official, I have just declared it, Helena Mattsson is the Hottest Woman Alive. Or Most Beautiful Woman Ever. Or the Hottest Most Beautiful Woman Who Has Ever Been in the History of Ever and the Universe. But really, you try arguing this after seeing these pictures of the Swedish-born Helena Mattsson (and her cleavage!) at the Iron Man 2 premiere. Scarlett Johansson, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Olivia Munn were all there, and while they are still some of the hottest women around, they couldn’t hold a candle to the glory that is Helena Mattsson. And no, I’ve never heard of her either.