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Helena Christensen Topless! Hot Danish Supermodel Beach Moms Are The Best

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Helena Christensen comes out of the supermodel O.G. class of the late 80′s and 90′s and if you think in the latter half of her Forties and Faptastic veteran hottie run she isn’t still pulling out all the perfect hot topless body stops, think again, young man. The mature sextastic ladies are doing it for themselves. Or is that to themselves? That’s kind of unfortunate with so many willing volunteers.

Featured in Madame Figaro in France, Helena show why the good looks and hot bodies of the genetically blessed never fade, they just get tanner and more alluring. The 46-year old Danish wonder leaves no doubt as to who is the fairest of them all, or in the very least, the most ogle-worthy mum on the beach. Wow. I’m in lust all over again with Helena. I can’t imagine being friends with her teen son. Oh, the boys she’s going to turn into men every summer. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Madame Figaro France


Helena Christensen Topless Veteran Hotness Appears in Futureclaw Magazine

Helena Christensen Topless in Futureclaw Magazine Summer 2013
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Futureclaw was my superhero name when I was in first grade and me and my buddies all decided to form our own Superfriends powerhouse. I had a trowel sticking out of my sleeve where my hand should’ve been and I could turn invisible at-will. I never really thought through the logic of being able to turn invisible save for this metal trowel sticking out of my arm. That might give the bad guys an easy eye to spot me. I suppose this is why Futureclaw always died in our first episodes.

But, current Futureclaw, as in the magazine, has far more super powers than I could have ever imagined, like getting the original Danish Delight, Helena Christensen, topless in a pictorial in their current edition. One of the original supermodels, Helena really has not lost a step in the sextastic department, still showing off all the skills that made her one of the top models in the world for so many years. Plus, her sweet melons. Now that really is super. Enjoy.

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Helena Christensen Looks Amazing in Elle Spain May 2013

Helena Christensen Triumph Lingerie Photoshoot

Helena Christensen Bazaarly Hot in Russia

I hold a place in my heart filled with lust even for former Victoria’s Secret Angels, veteran sextastic now in their 40′s who continue to be leer-worthy. These Helena Christensen pictures from Harper’s Bazaar Russia are odd, but oddly hot. I don’t usually get Euro-artsy-stylings, oh, how I eschew them (I think that’s the right word), but when they come on the foundation of a former Miss Denmark, well, I at least must open my mind to the ogle worthy possibilities. Yes, yes, there’s some kind of cougar-fetish-connection here, are you feeling it too? Enjoy.

Helena Christensen Nude for Nike Reebok


It would have sounded better if the title of this post was actually Helena Christensen Nude for Nike, but she actually got naked for a Reebok ad, so no alliteration today. Still, it completely doesn’t matter what company is paying Helena Christensen to get naked, as long as she’s getting naked. I assume the message here is that if you buy Reebok shoes, you’ll look as hot as a naked Supermodel. Either that or you’ll run faster if you’re naked. I prefer the latter.

Claudia Schiffer, Eva Herzigova and Helena Christensen Nude in i-D Magazine


Forget all your Victoria’s Secret models, and Sports Illustrated swimsuit babes, the real Supermodels have been, and always will be those gorgeous women of the 1990s who coined the term. And now, proving that they’ve still got what it takes (after a healthy dose of Photoshop) are Claudia Schiffer, Eva Herzigova and Helena Christensen nude in the Winter 2010 issue of i-D magazine. Only Helena Christensen goes the full monty here, but it’s still a really hot shoot. I’d take Claudia Schiffer over Marisa Miller any day of the week. But I’d prefer to have Claudia Schiffer on top of Marisa Miller, if you know what I mean.