Hedisa Visapa

Hedisa Visapa Topless Pictures Super Hot From Behind the Scenes of Interviu Pictorial (VIDEO)

Hedisa Visapa Topless Behind the Scenes of Her Interviu Magazine Shoot
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Hedisa, I just met a girl named Hedisa.

Remember last week when we first did lay ogles upon sexy Afro-Spanish erotic fiction author and NBA baller baller, Hedisa Visapa, and you said, ‘dayum, can I see some more of her?’ We did hear you. And so did EgoReader ‘Thomas M.’ who pointed us in the direction of this brief, but stellar video from behind the scenes of Hedisa’s Interviu magazine topless photoshoot.

The big hair, the full funbags, the sextastic lady. It all works quite well together in one sultry Spanish dish. Enjoy.

Check Out the Hedisa Visapa BTS Topless Photoshoot video »

Mas Mas Hedisa Visapa; Spanish Hottie Wet See-Through Camping in FHM


We had such a pleasant type woody reaction yesterday with the introduction of Afro-Spanish erotic fiction hottie, Hedisa Visapa, that we were blessed today to find even more Hedisa hotness courtesy of our friends at FHM Spain, where the big-haired, sexy-curvy bodied author and model and baller of pro baller was featured as a finalist in their search for Spanish sextastic contest, becoming one of the top 10 finalists. And, as such, a completely wet and see-through type camping trip pictorial ensued.

Now, my own views on camping can be summed up as ‘I go nowhere without my NFL Sunday Ticket package’, but with a nipple-baring Hedisa Visapa, I might have to reconsider the comforts of the tent. Enjoy.

Be sure to check out the video of Hedisa and other sextastic finalists in the FHM Spain ‘Vecintas’ contest.

Hedisa Visapa Brings Some Topless Spanish Erotica to Interviu Magazine

Hedisa Visapa Topless Erotic in Interviu Magazine
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Things to know about Hedisa Visapa, current month’s covergirl in Interviu magazine. She’s smoking sultry hot, she’s got one ridiculously sextastic body, she spends most of her days writing erotic fiction, she’s of African descent migrated to Spain, and she, like most of the rest of the female hottie world, does not miss an opportunity to knock boots with NBA stars. The latter would be Oklahoma City Thunder’s Congolese star, Serge Ibaka, who took a turn playing for Madrid’s basketball team during the recent NBA lockout, and found himself in a sweaty she-banging short term relationship with Hedisa, who no doubt is penning her next short story about their encounters.

It’s sort of the perfect combination of worlds of erotic hotties meeting pro sports ballers. Well, perfect for them, a little less perfect for those of us on the outside looking in. Stil, looking at Hedisa Visapa is pretty damn fun. Enjoy.

By the way, if you’re really interested in more about Hedisa, feel free to read Chapter 1 of her ‘La Inquilina Morbosa’ erotic fiction. It’ll help if you can read Spanish, because naughty writing does not fare well with browser translators.