Heather Peace

Boob Tube Roundup Includes Some Sapphic Awesomeness in ‘Lip Service’ and ‘Game of Thrones’ Topless Wenching (VIDEO)


While the U.S. market was pretty much shut down this holiday weekend on the small screen, save for yet another sultry hottie nekkid wench, Sahara Knite in our beloved Game of Thrones, well, we did get a chance to look across the pond at some delightful topless telly, including, quite notably, Heather Peace and Anna Skellern in the BBC show Lip Service.

Lip Service seems like the Old Country version of the ‘L’ Word, and it is just jam packed with delicious same-fair-gender-sexy-making, including an epic scene this week featuring Anna and Heathee iving right into my Top 10 list of favorite boob tube screen lesbionic passion scenes. Enjoy.

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