Heather Morris

Heather Morris Nekkid Cell Phone Photos Hit the World Wide Web


EDITOR’S NOTE: Media elements previously appearing in this news article have been removed at the request of counsel for Heather Morris.

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Finally, a decent reason to watch Glee.

Imagine our wide-smile surprise when we were leaving our auto-fellatio class on a Sunday evening to learn from several of our readers (too many to mention by name) that Heather Morris nekkid pictures were around and abounding across the eyeballs of every straight dude who ever coveted Heather Morris on the show Glee, not to mention those not in that particular category, like celeb-hound Perez Hilton who confirms that the photos are in fact Heather. We never know for sure the source of these types of photos, or their reason for publication, but suffice it to say, we’ll probably learn more about that as time goes on and we mop up our drool.

As for how naughty Heather likes to get when alone with her cell phone, well, we’ve seen naughtier from celebrities whose names we probably can’t mention, but Heather’s sweet body and fun-filled boobtastic and secret passion to completely leave it to beaver gives her mucho bonus points in the innocent girls does naughty exhibitionism pantheon. Ooh-la-belusted-la. Enjoy.


QUICK SHOT: Heather Morris Strikes a Cheerleader Pose for Seventeen

For you Glee fans, we know you’re still out there, and I don’t even want you to admit it, but, Heather Morris as a cheerleader (striking a pose here in the current edition of Seventeen magazine) remains one of the very few, and entirely small handful of hot chick, reasons for any man to be tuned into the program. I mean, it’s okay if you like musicals, we’re not here to judge, just, you know, keep it on the QT, so you don’t make your dad cry.


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Heather Morris Brings Bare-Midriff Glee to Manchester

Surprise surprise, there are dotty young girls and musical-loving gay dudes (and girlfriend-whipped Glee watchers like myself) in Jolly Old England too, because they showed up in droves to see the Glee concert tour stop in Manchester last evening, and at least the dudes with scars across their backside from emotional lashings got the treat of seeing sexy Heather Morris donning about as racy as Glee gets costume on stage, flashing her boobtastic and a taut bare-midriff that kinda almost would’ve made the show bearable, or at least in retrospect, fappable. Still, if you were at the show last night, be wise and lie to your buddies about what you did last night. Enjoy.

Heather Morris Sexy Bikini Body; It%u2019s Women%u2019s Health For Guys

Do you secretly Glee? Well, let’s face it, there are four, maybe five reasons to follow the show Glee, two of whom are on this site today. In this case, blonde hottie Heather Morris, one of the show’s cheerleaders (sadly, not designed for dudes, but still incredibly sexy), even more so here on the cover and pages of the June edition of Women’s Health magazine, a periodical I digest quite regularly whilst pretending to be a delivery boy to various OB/GYN offices around the city. I assume Heather has some great tips for the ladies on how to get a great bikini body, and, well, in her case it certainly seems to be working, so, listen up. And, enjoy.