Hayley Atwell

Hayley Atwell Busty and In-Charge in Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D

Hayley Atwell. You can be my lieutenant boss person any time. Just give me order and I shall follow it to the letter. No instruction too degrading, specifically those of a sexually perverse nature that might have your boot stomping into my midsection letting me know how I’m going to be pleasing you at your behest. That about sums it up.

The good folks at Marvel and ABC shared some promotional photos of Hayley from Agents of Shield and various lore related scenes. She’s quite the busty boss. I really can’t imagine anything hotter. Well, there is that riding crop thing, but this is the predecessor to all of those naughty thoughts. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Marvel/ABC

READER FINDS: Salma Hayek Topless, Madonna Full Bushy Frontal Nekkid, Lady Gaga Topless, and Much Much More…

Hayley Atwell Hot in Jillian Edelstein Photoshoot  2007
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This is it. The last Reader Finds before Labor Day, when the Reader Finds pools start to close down for the summer and I’m not longer allowed to drink Malibu Rum and orange juice  without any orange juice for breakfast any longer. But a wonderful summer of skin-filled visual delights is hardly over in these here parts, not when the 13 million man and Sapphic leaning Egotastic! army is afoot grousing up wondrous imagery like a pig in, well, shittastic.

This week’s Reader Finds includes the delicious Hayley Atwell covered topless in a truly special photoshoot (thanks to EgoReader ‘Glenn’), blessed Asian hottie Rinko Kikuchi topless in quite the pictorial treasure chest (kudos to ‘Zachary P.’), super hot Latina Vanessa Velasquez in her boudoir apparel (muchas gracias para sextastica to ‘Emry’), bouncy India Reynolds in some wicked topless Nuts outtakes (funbags courtesy of ‘Megan’), veteran actress Sonia Braga quite topless in 70′s cinematic fare (wayback hotness provided by ‘Stevie’), Salma Hayek topless in the epic Frida (great caps from ‘Desmond’), Abbie Cornish flashing her bare hooters on the silver screen (thank you kindly, ‘Josh’), Lady Gaga showing her boobs off in a Lolapalooza stage dive (bad chestal romance by way of ‘Todd’), damn fine Monika Pietrasinska flashing her chest pillows (gorgeous treats transmitted by ‘Echo’), more Alley Baggett classic topless fineries (from the giving hands of ‘Dave T.’),  Tamsin Egerton and Anna Friel flashing their tops in The Look of Love, the vastly underrated Pam Grier flashing her fabulous udders from back in the 70′s (classic Grier goodness from ‘Devon’), Madonna crazy bushy hairy nekkid as a young woman (whoa, you’re in the jungle now thanks to ‘Craig’), Selena Gomez in one flashy slit skirt (potential rise up to the thong from the mind of ‘Darren’), and last, but not least, country singer Lauren Ashley flashing some sheer panties beneath her skirt (peekaboo party thrown by ‘Sherrie’). It’s a lot of homework, but the fun kind indeed. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Leven Rambin Nip Slip, Maria Sharapova Upskirt, Hayley Atwell Topless, and Much Much More…

Krysten Ritter Covered Topless Promo Pic for Her TV Show
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I know we say this every week, but this one was a doozy. I’m not sure if it’s the changing weather with the seasons or the fact that we’ve unsuccessfully tried to have sex with Eva Longoria for ten straight years now, but something has been aching us all week. The kind of ache that can’t be remedied with a mere salve or balm or even the Oxy the guy who pretends to be our mailman tries to sell us every Wednesday morning here after luring us into the hallway with fake news about a package delivery (although, let’s be honest, the Oxy doesn’t hurt). No, this type of deep emotional damage can only be cured with the aid of some serious celebrity skin, contributed by all of you, for all of the rest of you, the communal stew of sextastic we like to call, Reader Finds.

This week’s Reader Finds includes the bodacious brunette from Captain America, Hayley Atwell topless (thanks to EgoReader ‘David’), Krysten Ritter cheeky covered topless in Bitch promo (kudos to ‘Alex’), Shané van der Westhuizen topless beach photos (much blessings to “Paul’), Heather Clem flashing some nipple in a glamour pose (credit the account of ‘Bob A’ for Heather), Jodie Gasson see-through boobtastic Twitpic (thanks ‘Anon’), a double shot of tennis upskirt with Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams (shoutout to ‘Mert’), Leven Rambin slipping a bit o’ nip on TV (discovered by the self-titled ‘T-Bag’), Hayley-Marie Coppin in a rather steamy striptease (gracias goes out to ‘Doug’), the delicious Seren Gibson topless for Frank White photoshoot (good on you to ‘Rev’), former Miami Dolphins cheerleader Lilly Robbins (nice find ‘Dave R.’), Colombian hottie actress Angie Cepeda topless in Heleno (blessings to ‘Beagle’), Leeann Tweeden bikini photoshoot (kudos to ‘Exacto’), and glam model Emily O’Hara topless (thanks to EgoReader ‘Ben J.’), and Kelsey Chow sextastic in Cosmo (shoutout to ‘Emmy’). Now that’s a full-basket of goodness. Enjoy.

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Hayley Atwell and Lizzie Cundy Unfurl the British Cleavge at the Olivier Awards

To be honest, I must admit I have no idea what the Olivier Awards are all about, other than it seems to be a Britty style thespianic award show presumably for people who are beloved French actors? Hmm. It all seems rather unclear. But what was in perfect focus were some impressive racks, English style, on display at this weekend’s award ceremony, most notably Captain America hottie Hayley Atwell, who is stacked like Gibraltar, and Lizzie Cundy, one of our favorite U.K. veteran delights, both of whom were flying their cleavetastic queens for the dress-up event.

For those of you out there, and we know you’re out there, who love yourselves a woman with plenty of squeeze, train your leers toward the robust Hayley Atwell and try to size her up 360. It’s a nice tour around several globes. Enjoy.

Rebecca Hall Cleavage and Other Things to Ogle

- Jessica Stroup and Shenae Grimes out looking hot. (HuffPo)

- Demi Lovato Glamour photoshoot. (FoxNews)

- Former Miss USA gets in some trouble. (GossipCenter)

- Rebecca Hall or Hayley Atwell, who’d you rather? (LaineyGossip)

- Olivia Wilde looking red hot. (SocialiteLife)

- Venus Williams wardrobe malfunction. (TMZ)

- Karina Smirnoff see-through top. (DrunkenStepfather)

Hayley Atwell Boobtastic Leads Pack of Hotties at Captain America Premiere

Who’s going to see Captain America? He is the first Avenger after all. I shall be there with bells on my toes and binoculars on my eyes, to see an even larger version of the quite spectacular Hayley Atwell bosom, on fine display last night at the Hollywood premiere of Captain America.

Joining the female co-star and all around hottie on the red carpet were fellow sextastic celebrities Jaime Alexander, Amanda Righetti, Francia Raisa, Jamie Chung, Maria Menounos, Vanessa Hudgens and Zoe Saldana. It was a veritable buffet of decked-out sexy celebrities. Does this mean the movie will be any good? We shall see. But for now, consider Egotastic! quite thumbs up. Enjoy.

READER FINDS (EXPLICIT CONTENT WARNING): Paige Duke Nekkid College Photo Scandal, Hayley Atwell Topless Stills, Kate Upton Ever Sexy, and Belen Rodriguez See-Through Top


UPDATED: Sorry, folks, we had to remove the sweet images of Paige Duke. She seems like a nice woman caught up in some unfortunate shizz. We wish her only the best.

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I lust sexy celebrities. I LOVE our readers. In addition to the ritualistic blood-letting and human sacrifices we demand out of you each week, you then go and contribute some of the most amazingly sextastic items to our weekly content ho’ down. I’m beyond words with my gratitude to you all. And, I’m never beyond words. Trust me.

This week’s READER FINDS includes a scandalous set of nekkid pictures of recently fired NASCAR Sprint Cup Challenge Girl Paige Duke, a peek at the bare boobtastic of Hayley Atwell, the new female star of Captain America, some basic tee-shirt and shorts pictures of Kate Upton that are super hot because they’re Kate Upton, and a look inside the top of the ever-amazing Belen Rodriguez.
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