Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere, Taylor Swift, and Carrie Underwood Drop Some Sexy Country Bombs at the CMA’s

As I openly admit any time we discuss Country music, I know between zero and nothing of the art-form, outside of my Johnny Cash CDs and my occasional drunken arguments at bars with juke boxes that Lynyrd Skynyrd is the best country band ever. But I do know this — there are some serious hotties and hot bodies among the ladies of Country music, and many of them made their sextastic appearance at the 46th Annual CMA awards last night, including Hayden Panettiere (who stars in Nashville now, dontcha know), Taylor Swift whose thighs we shall somewhat split asunder, Carrie Underwood who is a seriously hidden gem, and Kellie Pickler whose crew-cut only mildly distracted us from her big boobs.

These girls may be a little bit country, and I may be a little bit rock ‘n roll, but damn if I don’t want to make some sweet sweet harmony with each and every one of them (and by harmony. I’m guessing you’re thinking the same. Enjoy.

Hayden Panettiere Shows Cleavage to NYC in a Denim Shirt

Christina Hendricks, Kat Dennings, and Sofia Vergara Lead the Hot Cleavage Displays at Primetime Emmy Awards

I’ll say this for non-boob showing television shows, their ladies love to show cleavage during award season for their medium. The million dollar mammaries could not be contained at this weekend’s Primetime Emmy Awards, where scores of hotties came decked out in low cut top, or just looking mighty fine, boob tube fantastics such as Christina Hendricks, Kat Dennings, Heidi Klum, Padma Lakshmi, January Jones, Sofia Vergara, Alexandra Breckenridge, Hayden Panettiere, Julianne Hough, Julie Bowen, Zooey Deschanel, and Claire Danes.

Yes, it was an evening filled with Hollywood patting itself on the back. But a day today for us to remember the best of Hollywood’s front side. Enjoy.

Olivia Munn and Hayden Panettiere Lead List of Celeb Hotties at ESPY Awards

Now, I’m not sure if the ESPY Awards are on their way downhill or not, there does seem to be a decreasing buzz from year to year at this point, but they still managed to get a sweet assemblage of sextastic ladies, both celebs and sports figures, to strut their red carpet last night, not the least of which were Olivia Munn, who ruined herself on bad rom-coms and sit-coms the past year, but we still can’t help but lust, and Hayden Panettiere who we’d simply like to ruin in a completely different manner.

For a broader hotter looking at sweet looking ladies of sports from ESPN, check out their Hot Body Issue out this week:


Hayden Panettiere Bikini Pics Will Make You Green With Envy, Red in the Face, and Blue in the…

Oh, Hayden Panettiere, how I want to wrap you up and put you in my pocket like a little ball of fluffy stuffing. Nah, just kidding, I just want to lay wood to you until the Lorax comes and tells me I’m the last tree in the forest, then take off with only a pair of your knickers for keepsakes. Honesty is the best policy.

The little buttercup of boobtastic goodness was clad in a bright green bikini (all the better for our telescopic lenses to pick up) down Cabo Wabo way with her stupid lucky-ass boyfriend, but we still get to share in the luscious little curvy body treats of this hot  ans stacked little minx.

Hayden Paentttiere has got something serious going on. What exactly it is is hard to put into words, but there’s a whole lot of it. See for yourself. And, enjoy.

Damn You Hayden Panettiere For Looking So Hot and Keeping Your Legs Neatly Crossed

Hike up your skirt a little more 
And show the world to me 

Oh, eff me for quoting Dave Matthews Band, but what are you gonna do? Some girls just know how to sit on a high stool when wearing a short dress. Unfortunately.

Little minxy hotness herself, Hayden Panettiere was at some film thing in Toronto in a wickedly short dress, but refused to allow our lenses up her dress for a greater view of her pudding heaven. Not that we didn’t try. Not that we don’t deserve it. Whoever trained Hayden on the fine art of leg crossing with a high hemline ought to be flogged for their disservice to humanity. At least we get a little cleavage. Silver lining. Enjoy.

Hayden Panettiere And Her Short Skirt Is Going to Cause a Fapping Chain Reaction

I kind of get the whole Hayden Panettiere craze, but not quite like some of you. The crayon drawn letters we get from some of you with your hearts on your sleeves (at least, it looks like hearts) going on and on about petite blonde minxy Hayden Panettiere, well, it’s pretty clear why your mom has to scream at home about why the Intensive Care hand lotion bottle is empty again.

And, now, Hayden has hit the streets of the Big Apple in some kind of futuristic leathery stormtrooper in a miniskirt look that I’m quite certain is going to cause the collective thud of basement bedroom doors closing, and yet another reason for mom to get peeved. That little hot body, those legs, yep, we won’t be calling you to hit the mall arcade for at least four to eleven hours. Enjoy.