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Halle Bery is the Sexiest Woman Alive. According to Esquire, Anyway

No, it’s not 2002, and yes, you read that right, Esquire magazine has declared Halle Berry the Sexiest Woman Alive. Now, don’t get me wrong, Halle Berry is super sexy, but Sexiest Woman Alive? No. Sexiest Mom Alive? Possibly, even probably. But WTF, Esquire, did you have Catwoman stuck in the DVD player or something? Anyways, I shouldn’t be surprised that at Esquire’s latest stab at irrelevancy, but this one’s a classic.

At least the pictures are sexy, but I could do with less clothes, and more boobs.

Halle Berry Brings Back the Cleavage

Halle Berry knows what everyone wants: Her cleavage. And she graciously showed it off last night at the 15th Annual Women In Hollywood Event. Halle also showed off that she hasn’t quite lost all the baby weight (and bump) completely, wearing a very tight halter top, but thanks to her mega-cleavage, I’m pretty sure no one noticed.

Photo credit: Getty Images / Splash News

Halle Berry Bikini Pictures Are Back!

Um… Oh My God! It’s Halle Berry bikini pictures! And while these Halle Berry bikini pictures could have been a bit better, in that there could have been more of them, or they could be a bit clearer, or a bit bigger, the best way they could have been better would have been if Halle wasn’t wearing that sheer shirt, and just went for it. Of course, the only thing that matters is that Halle Berry is back in a bikini!

Halle still looks incredible, though she still seems to have a bit of residual baby bumpness as she poses for the ad campaign for her new fragrance line on the beach in Hawaii. And you know what that means… We’ll probably get more, and hopefully more revealing Halle Berry bikini pictures very soon. Here’s hoping…

Photo credit: pacificcoastnewsonline.com

Halle Berry’s Boobs are Busting Out

Okay, I might be a bit breast-obsessed, but I think you’ll agree, after seeing these Halle Berry cleavage pictures, that Halle Berry is back, and her breasts are better than ever. Now it’s not like it’s news that Halle’s boobs got bigger when she got pregnant, but OMG! And correct me if I’m wrong, but it doesn’t look like she’s wearing a bra, either. I mean, those things are defying all the laws of physics. Did Halle Berry invent an anti-gravity machine, or is she really just that perfect?

Photo credit: Flynet

Halle Berry is Busty and Bumpy

Halle Berry was out doing some shopping the other day, and thanks to the brilliant positioning of a very intrepid paparazzi photographer, we got a great view of the best part of pregnancy: Halle Berry’s giant breasts. But look just a little bit lower, and something else pops out quite noticeably: Halle’s baby bump. But wait a minute, didn’t Halle give birth already?

I thought celebrities were supposed to magically lose all their baby weight within 17 minutes of giving birth, or at least stay inside, and away from the cameras until they do. Come on Halle, you’re spoiling the magic.

Halle Berry’s Boobs are Back

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Halle Berry, but thankfully she’s back, and so are her boobs. Halle gave birth a few months ago, and is looking great. I really don’t know who’s luckier, Halle’s boyfriend, or her kid. Either way, they’re both pretty lucky. I’d say her kid is a luck son-of-a-bitch, but Halle’s really not a bitch, and also, she gave birth to a girl.

More picutres of Halle Berry and her amazing cleavage after the jump.


Halle Berry Brings her Boobs to the Baftas

Halle Berry is definitely milking her new boobs for all their worth (pun intended), and I can’t say I blame her. Halle presented at the BAFTA awards ceremony and made sure her ginormous breasts were front and center. And now you can see them in action in the video below.

There is one moment in this video that’s really strange, though, and doesn’t have anything to do with Halle Berry’s breasts. At one point, for only two words in her presentation, Halle slipped into a terrible British accent for no apparent reason whatsoever.

Maybe being surrounded my all those Brits had something to do with it, but either way, it was really strange. You need to check it out. Then watch it again with volume off so that you don’t have any distractions…

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