Halle Berry

Halle Berry And Her Nipples Seem Excited With New Boyfriend

(Here's my 'I'm an old man not get off my lawn' beef with the sensationally veteran hottie, Halle Berry, and her former husband: if you're going to go for the fun-fun-jump-bones marriage with the hot male model, and even going to make a baby, just name her Amy or Susan or something. Don't give her a unique name that by the time everybody gets done looking it up and talking about how cool and awesome it is, you're already split up.)

That being said, the sultry Halle Berry and her pokey nipples certainly do seem pleased with the latest and greatest boyfriend, think he's another guy who's way too good looking to be a guy, if you know what I'm saying. Halle Berry has always been hot and keeps herself in amazing shape even as she hits veteran sextastic status. Hey, it's a title that comes with some hard work. Can't say I blame her for going for the models, though it would be nice if she gave a chance to, oh, I don't know, some accountants, or farmers, or random blog operators with unusually small feet once in a while. We need the sexy bang-bang too. Enjoy.

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Halle Berry vs. Eva Mendes in The Battle of the Hot Body in Black Dress

Oh, how to choose between two sexy celebrities on the red carpet looking so damn hot. Halle Berry has been a champion level hot body celeb into her second decade now, while Eva Mendes is certainly following in her tight body footsteps. Oh, how to choose between two sexy bombs. I'll take the lady in black!

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Golden Globes at the Golden Globes

Like all award shows, the Golden Globes basically sucked. Aside from a few good lines from the always great Ricky Gervais, I felt like smaking just about everyone else, except for Robert Downey Jr. But that doesn't mean the night was a total loss, because one thing that you can usually count on at the Golden Globes is all the Golden Globes. And yes, I'm talking about boobs. The clear winner in the Best Boobs category was hands down Christina Hendricks, but othe nominees, Mariah Carey, Halle Berry, Anna Paquin, Heather Graham, and Olivia Wilde looked pretty damn good, too.

Oh, and check out Lindsay Lohan actually looking hot and pretty, and not like a strung-out junkie trying to get her next fix. There might be hope for her yet.

Halle Berry’s Breasts are Back with a Bang

Um.... WOW! It's been a while, but Halle Berry is back to remind us just how hot she is, and that she still has the best breasts in the business. I actually don't know what else to say, really. Everytime I look at them, my mind goes blank, and I completely lose my train of thought. What was I saying? Oh yeah. Boobs.

Halle Berry Nipple Slip – Make That Breast Slip Pictures!


HOLY MOLY!!! Check out this major Halle Berry breast slip on the set of her new movie Frankie and Alice. Now you could call this a Halle Berry nipple slip, but we're obviously getting a lot more than just Halle Berry's nipple. Hell, it's damn near full on Halle Berry topless. No idea if we'll see some full-motion Halle Berry boob action in the movie, but at least we got to see it here.

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Halle Bery is the Sexiest Woman Alive. According to Esquire, Anyway

No, it's not 2002, and yes, you read that right, Esquire magazine has declared Halle Berry the Sexiest Woman Alive. Now, don't get me wrong, Halle Berry is super sexy, but Sexiest Woman Alive? No. Sexiest Mom Alive? Possibly, even probably. But WTF, Esquire, did you have Catwoman stuck in the DVD player or something? Anyways, I shouldn't be surprised that at Esquire's latest stab at irrelevancy, but this one's a classic.

At least the pictures are sexy, but I could do with less clothes, and more boobs.

Halle Berry Brings Back the Cleavage

Halle Berry knows what everyone wants: Her cleavage. And she graciously showed it off last night at the 15th Annual Women In Hollywood Event. Halle also showed off that she hasn't quite lost all the baby weight (and bump) completely, wearing a very tight halter top, but thanks to her mega-cleavage, I'm pretty sure no one noticed.

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