Gretchen Mol

Lizzy Caplan Topless, Gretchen Mol Topless, Rachel Korine Topless, It’s the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

Gretchen Mol Topless in Boardwalk Empire
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The best boobtastic of today’s celebrity, outside of hacked Clouds, exists on the small screen as the big screen leans ever more toward child robot fare. Not that there’s anything wrong with child robot fare, it is my standard date film. But grown up movies for grown ups with grown up body parts are becoming ever more extinct. Meanwhile, on the small screen, funbags are thriving.

This week’s Boob Tube Roundup includes a long look at Lizzy Caplan topless once more in Masters of Sex. What a dame as they used to say in the 50′s, I think. Also making a chesty appearance, Gretchen Mol in the final season of Boardwalk Empire, something we haven’t seen from her since the earlier seasons of the show. And, lastly, Rachel Korine flashes her gingerly teats in The Knick, continuing its first season run to much sextastic acclaim. Three fine ladies, six honking honkers. It’s the Boob Tube Roundup. Enjoy.

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Olivia Wilde and Gretchen Mol Topless to Highlight the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

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It’s about the time of year when some good movies coming out. And while the entire fanboy world remains stunned by the Ben Affleck as Batman announcement, fans of seeing hotties baring skin on screen have some more optimistic news this week, courtesy of our friends at Mr. Skin and the forecast for the faptastic in the Mr. Skin Minute.

This week’s MSM features Olivia Wilde taking off her top for the new flick, Drinking Buddies, Laura Ramsey and America Olivo topless victims in the horror flick No One Lives new on Blu-Ray, and Meg Chambers Steele and Gretchen Mol finely unclad in the third season of Boardwalk Empire, also now out on disk. It’s a couple or three eyefuls of goodness. Enjoy.

(While summer sweaty balls season remains in full effect, don’t forget to grab your Ego discounted membership to Mr. to perspire just a little bit more.)

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Gretchen Mol Topless at (Almost) 40 To Highlight the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

Gretchen Mol Topless Scene in Boardwalk Empire
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We do so love the hotties who keep getting hotter with some years under their nekkid belts. Gretchen Mol turns the big-4-0 in a couple weeks and honestly, she’s never looked more sextastic. Yes, we do tend to favor the veteran babes here, so we are somewhat biased, but when Gretchen Mol takes her clothes off on the intriguing Boardwalk Empire, we feel a little gangsta getting big gangsta.

Check out Gretchen in this week’s Boob Tube Roundup and see if you aren’t wishing she was your mom. Enjoy.

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Weekend Boob Tube Roundup from Hung, Boardwalk Empire, and Boss (VIDEO)


Editor’s Note: Some or all of the media previously associated with this posting has been removed at the request of boobtastic show producers and/or performers.

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The weather’s getting colder but the little screen is getting hotter over the weekends thanks to the increasing amount of bare boobtastic and making of the sexy scenes on some of our more favorite premium cable television shows which have ramped up the nudity like a startup stripclub on the busy side of the tracks.

While this weekend did not bring new major actress names baring their chestal regions, once again, Hung proved its worth with an epic little scene from soap actress Candice Coke, and again proved why actor Thomas Jane has the best job in the world, Gretchen Mol re-upped her union card for topless scenes in Boardwalk Empire, and a couple newcomers flashed hooters in our new best show, Boss, while Kathleeen Robertson continues to steam up the boob tube with some office bopping. Enjoy.

Gretchen Mol Gets Diaphanous and Delightfully Topless on Boardwalk Empire (VIDEO)



Our Sunday night showcase from the Boob Tube continues with the return of Gretchen Mol as the boobtastic Gillian on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, which last night treated us to a deliciously lengthy view of her outer-tubes in an Olympian fashion. There’s something wonderful about the return of glorious skin to the small screen, I can’t quite put my hands on it, but I sure would like to. Lake Bell, now Gretchen Mol, it’s a glorious gluteal and mammarial showcase of earthly pleasures. Enjoy.

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Gretchen Mol Nude, By Popular Demand


The very second we posted the beautiful-bodied Gretchen Mol topless video from Boardwalk Empire, you crazy boob-loving mad-men (and mad-women, bless you) demanded more Gretchen. Since the name holds a dear place in my heart as it’s the namesake of my six-fingered ever-ready Gal Friday, and since Gretchen Mol has a noteworthy pair of those classic hottie actress boobs and near perfectly feminine body, well, you know we had to oblige.

Here’s a brief selection of Gretchen Mol’s topless (and a bit of the cabbage patch) work from the films The Notorious Bettie Page, where Gretchen rightfully portrays the original skin-pic model supreme, and, An American Affair, where a young boy gets his first taste of ogling a super hot topless gal across the alley way, which, most Egotastic! readers can probably relate to rather directly. Enjoy.


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Gretchen Mol Makes a Splashy Topless Entry onto Egotastic! (VIDEO)


Is it really possible that Gretchen Mol has never before appeared on Egotastic! I couldn’t believe it myself, until I had to believe it myself. This hot actress has been around for a decade or more now, mostly in smaller films, lighting up the stage with some amazing body and top and all over-ness. But her big boob break didn’t come until these Gretchen Mol topless pictures from a rather boobtastic scene in Boardwalk Empire, one of my new DVR-musts on the little screen. I’ve lusted Gretchen since Rounders, now a dozen years old, and I am pleased as spiked punch to finally have her sexiness here on our pages. She looks hotter now than ever before perhaps. A little more mature, a little more topless, just the way I lust it. Enjoy.

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