Gracie Carvalho

Gracie Carvalho Wicked Hot in Silk and Lace

At this point, Victoria’s Secret is employing half of the world’s super fine looking young women. Sort of like me, except I have a small handful of people and they all look like one of the characters from Family Guy. So not like me at all. Oh, to work with the planet’s most stunning women and dress them in little bits of lingerie for photoshoots in exotic locales. I can feel my hands virtually working in the bronzing tans right now. Not that Gracie Carvalho need any artificial color. Or anything else artificial.

This sultry Brazilian native could sell mice to an elephant. She’s so incredibly gorgeous and alluring I just doubled down my regular order with V.S. for the October additions to my shame closet. Damn, it’s almost torturous that such sextastic beauties exist and show off for the camera in nothing but a little pair of panties. And, by torturous, naturally I mean it’s the best thing ever. Gracie, you are indeed a heaven sent blessing. Enjoy.

Gracie Carvalho Delivers Brazilian Heat to the Victoria’s Secret Lingerie Lineup

Not that Victoria’s Secret is lacking depth on its roster, and not that Brazil isn’t a mainstay of modeling talent already for the mega-lingerie merchandisers, but it’s nice to see a fresh face, not to mention wicked covered topless body, every now and then.

Like ridiculously sultry alluring Gracie Carvalho modeling lingerie and some other assorted light items sold by V.S with the hope of the buyers that they will look half as sweet as Gracie when donning the same wardrobe. If by chance you do know any women that are at least half as hot, please, give them my number. Enjoy.

Gracie Carvalho Bikini Pictures Shine for Her Turn Up for Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is just going mad these days with their bikini photoshoots, racing to get catalog spreads up in time for the biggest bikini buying time of the year, Spring time, and shooting model after model, day after day down St. Bart’s way.

While Candice Swanepoel and Erin Heatherton took another turn in front of the cameras, it was Brazilian born Gracie Carvalho who really caught our eye in the latest round of snapping two pieces, selling sextastic to men and bikinis to women quite simultaneously.

Something about that sultry skin and alluring look and that killer body, the perfect recipe for something we’d like to break off ourselves this coming Spring. Enjoy.

Gracie Carvalho Bikini Pictures For the Caribbean Sunshine and Dirty Day Dreams

Gracie Carvalho is just one fine steady bikini model bench player who hasn’t quite made it to the front lines yet, but is earning herself points shoot after shoot of magnificent bikini body visuals for the likes of Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated.

The Brazilian born model always brings her A-game and her A+ body to making little skimpy outfits look amazing on camera, as she did in St. Bart’s over the weekend, shooting for V.S., in what will certainly be an epic bikini catalog that will inevitably have me on the phone with a woman in Ohio asking me what my cup size is. It’s not that unusual a phone call for me any longer, trust me.

When sultry hot bodies meet tiny bits of cloth meet sunshine and ogling eyes, it’s all just the perfect Egotastic! stew. Enjoy.

Gracie Carvalho Victoria’s Secret Bikini Photoshoot in St. Barts

Gracie Carvalho (Covered) Topless and Scorching Hot on Pages of Maxim

The extraordinarily hot supermodel Gracie Carvalho and her spread in her native Brazil’s Maxim magazine this month allows us to both take another attempt at properly spelling São Paulo, Gracie’s hometown (sorry, Brazilian peeps for our misspelling earlier this week), and, more importantly, to introduce you to yet another world class supermodel superbody.

Our tour of Sudamericana hotness in 2011 has been nothing short of epic, and, quite honestly, the only way we were ever going to learn the geography we slept through during our brief, but listless formal schooling years. With a body like Gracie Carvalho, we are more than willing to stand up and pay attention (I mean, we can’t stand at the moment, but give us another fifteen minutes or so to avoid the snickering and giggles.). Enjoy.