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Grace Park Sizzles As Po-Po in 5-0 Underwear (VIDEO)

Just when you thought a skin-tight futuristic space suit was the best way to ogle the hard-bodied Grace Park, along comes Hawaii 5-0 to introduce some quite nice alternative viewing options, like, Grace Park in a tiny bikini or bra and panties showing off an amazing body. This project we’ve undertaken to promote Asian hotness is going be very nice, very nice indeed. Enjoy.

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Grace Park Bikini Pictures Are a Hawaiian Five-0 Delight

If you’re old enough to remember the original Hawaii-Five-0 TV series, then, you help prove that love of all things female and sexy butts never fades. Grace Park bikini pictures, taken from screencaps of the upcoming CBS reboot of the tropical police show (see previously posted screencaps of Grace Park), make me remember how I said I’d never watch Battlestar Galactica, until I saw Grace Park, Katee Sackoff, and Tricia Helfer in form-fitting futuristic battle suits. Can’t help myself, I just love a hot woman in uniform.

Grace Park Bikini Pictures Go Hawaii Five-O

Battlestar Galactica hottie, Grace Park is filming the new movie remake of Hawaii Five-0, and if there’s one thing that Hawaii is known for, it’s bikinis! Yes, volcanos, pineapples, surfing and luaus, but the one thing we care about is bikinis. And if these Grace Park bikini pictures are any indication, this is going to be an awesome movie. Or it could be crap, but as long as we get to see Grace Park half naked, it’s worth the price of admission.

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Grace Park Side Boob in Maxim Outtakes

The other week we brought you some super hot Tracia Helfer and Grace Park pictures from Maxim, and now we’ve got even more, even hotter pictures of Grace, including some amazing Grace Park side boob action. Oh yeah. Everybody raves about how good a show Battlestar Galactica was for it’s ground breaking methods of storytelling in sci-fi. But really, I think it’s biggest contribution to sci-fi was two of the hottest Alien Robots ever. Now, if only we could get them to face off against Seven of Nine!


Tricia Helfer and Grace Park are Battlestar Babes in Maxim

In case you haven’t had your fill of Battlestar Galactica there’s a new 2-hour movie coming up from SyFy (That’s SciFi to normal human beings like you and me), and just in case all those crazy Battlestar fans didn’t already know, here’s Tricia Helfer and Grace Park getting half naked in Maxim magazine to remind you. Hey, whatever it takes, right!?

Update: It looks like there’s a Grace Park nipple slip towards the end of the video, so make sure you check that shit out!


Grace Park is Topless and Complex

If you liked those Grace Park bikini pictures we put up yesterday, then you’re going to really like these Grace Park topless pictures from Complex magazine. Of course, the term “topless” is used a bit liberally, but it is techinically true. Either way, Grace Park is freaking hot, if perhaps a bit concave. But she’s also Canadian, which is worth about 1000 bonus points.

And if the pictures below aren’t enough to convince you of how sexy Grace Park is, this video from her photoshoot should do the trick. And check out Complex for more vids.

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