Gisele Bundchen

Weekend Links

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Gisele Bundchen Lingerie Pictures Promote Positive Ogling

Nothing to see here, people, I mean, unless you like to ogle one of the world's hottest women in a skimpy bit of black lingerie.

Gisele Bundchen is a woman born to wear barely anything. Clothes of any kind just seem super inappropriate on this sextastic supermodel, though I suppose some little silky frilly things could be on the list of exceptions. Seen here modeling for Intimates Burlesque line, the freakishly passion-inducing MILF puts on a display of skin certain to make her the most ogled mom at the mall. Enjoy.

Gisele Bundchen Asstastic Bikini Candids From A Tom-Less Trip

Thank god Gisele Bundchen left the old (pony-tailed) man back in the States, as she headed for Costa Rica, with at least one sneaky-paparazzi in the treeline, and got down and bikini sexy along the shorelines with remaining family and friends, and full-on brilliant flashes of a newer mom most definitely in the mix for world's hottest MILF. That butt, those boobs, my heart.

Bikinis only get better when wet. Enjoy.

Bangin’ Bongos

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LEERING AT LYCRA: Gisele Bundchen Sneaks Out of the Place Where She Fine Tunes Her Body

We decided to subtitle this post LEERING AT LYCRA, because CELEBRITY CROTCH WATCH just seemed to on the nose, or on the toe, if you will. Plus, you know, my grandma reads this thing.

Oh, perhaps there's something inherently perverse about peeking at the nether regions of a sexy celebrity clad in skintight Spandex. And, sure, maybe, there's better things that can be done with one's free time than ogling the stretch pant covered lady nest of most sextastic supermodels. But, honestly, I just can't think of what that might be.

So, join me if you will. Slack-jawed we shall remain, mouths agape, breathing heavily, pulses rapid, galvanic skin responses mildly humid, checking out the awesome Gisele Bundchen leaving the gym in her workout wear. We shall do so without remorse. And we shall do so while slowly eating a Nestlé Drumsticks®. We are Egotastic! Today, we are free. Enjoy.

Bikinis on Top

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Fatale Attraction

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