Ginger Lee

Weiner Exposed: Congressman’s Sexting Partner Ginger Lee in the Flesh


Here’s a new one: naughty texting with an adult film actress? C’mon, Congressman, that’s really pretty not Charlie Sheen of you. Not winning.

Our friends at TMZ are reporting that mature themed young actress Ginger Lee and our very favorite political pole picture purveyor, Anthony Weiner, carried on something of a long term virtual naughty relationship, and when it was all about to face the light of day, hunky Tony started emailing Ginger with suggestions on how to lie to the press about the entire torrid keyboard affair.

I’ve not been really down on Weiner doing what weiner-brained married men tend to do. But strictly cyber sex with a porn star? I don’t know, Tony, this may be where you lose a bunch of us dudes off your support wagon. Enjoy.
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