Gina Gershon

MSM Weekly Skin-ny Roundup Includes Fleshtastic Views of Gina Gershon, Juno Temple, and Kathleen Robertson (VIDEO)

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Just when you thought you couldn’t sit through another 3-hour summer blockbuster with some dude who is technically a giant seated in front of you at the theater, along comes our friends at Mr. Skin with a weekends worth of ideas for skinematic viewing right there in your own home. Genius.

This week’s celebration of celebrity-on-film flesh include Juno Temple and Gina Gershon in Killer Joe, Kathleen Robertson in Boss, and a shoutout Mr. Skin style fo the ongoing Olympic games. Enjoy.

(And don’t forget your amazing deal annual account from Mr. Skin, so you can see this all yourself.)

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Elisha Cuthbert, Angie Harmon, Gina Gershon, Kate Hudson and Many More Get Naked, Pinup Style

Photographer Timothy White has taken some pretty damn sexy photos for his book Hollywood Pinup. I don’t know how he got stars like Elisha Cuthbert, Angie Harmon, Gina Gershon, Jamie Lynn Sigler, and Kate Hudson to pose nude for him, but I assume that not showing any actual nipple was the deciding factor for them. Still, this is one coffee table book that is worth picking up.

Other stars featured in the book include Tea Leoni, Molly Sims, Cindy Crawford, one of the Olsen Twins (I can’t tell which), Michelle Trachtenberg, Lauren Graham, Rebecca DeMornay, Salma Hayek, Denise Richards, Felicity Huffman, Jennifer Beals, Jennifer Morisson, Kate Walsh, Susan Sarandon and Vanessa Williams.

You can find the rest of the pinup pictures after the jump.


Gina Gershon is Sarah Palin in a Bikini

You better not mess with Sarah Palin, that lady knows how to kill a moose. Unless you’re Gina Gershon, and you look super hot in a bikini holidng a shotgun. Gina spoofs Sarah Palin’s hunting hockey mom persona in this new video from Funny or Die, and while the it’s funniness can be debated, like Sarah Palin’s qualifications, there’s no debating the fact that Gina Gershon still looks damn sexy.

Gina Gershon Can Sing?

So, apparently, Gina Gershon isn’t just an actress, but she’s a singer too. But let’s be honest, neither you nor I would give a crap if she wasn’t totally nipping out in that dress.