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Simon Pegg Wants a Role In a ‘X-Files’ Movie, But He Has Conditions

I want to believe...

Fresh off the success of The World’s End, Simon Pegg is talking about a role in the next X-Files film, but only if David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are involved.

Well la dee da Mr. Pegg. You think you get to call the shots just because you’re one of the funniest actors around and the last two X-Files movies weren’t that great? Actually, when I say it out loud, it makes perfect sense.

Comic-Con: Where ‘X-Files’ Is Still a Big Deal

X-Files is older than justin bieber

Tell a young person that The X-Files celebrated its 20th anniversary this week with a panel at Comic Con and they’ll probably say, “What’s The X-Files?”

Tell it to an old person and they’ll probably say, “What’s Comic Con?” But tell it to a nerd of any age? They’ll be all like, “Uh, yeah, I was there.”

In any case, what I just hypothetically told all those people is true: this year the seminal Fox scifi drama about aliens and conspiracy theories—the first real non-animated hit for the network—celebrated its 20th birthday with a reunion of writers, producers, and, most importantly, actors at Comic Con 2013. So that means, yes, Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny were back together again.

As you would expect, while there was lots of reminiscing about favorite characters and episodes, the main course of the panel was a discussion of whether they would ever make a third X-Files film. And in short, they all said “you bet.” Because, really, what else do they have going on these days?

Whether or not people would go see the movie is another question. Sure, the people in Ballroom 20 at the San Diego Convention Center were enthusiastic, but finding X-Files fans at Comic Con is like shooting fish in a barrel. Finding them everywhere else, twenty years after the TV series debuted and five years after the last film, is another story.

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Gillian Anderson Cleavage and Emily Blunt Hotness Highlight Treats at Women of the Year Awards

Sadly, another year passes without me winning a Harper’s Bazaar Women of the Year Award. I gave up on the male categories for accolades years ago when I realized that I was so super manly, that I had completely circumnavigated the circle of gender and might find myself up for some chick honorariums. Maybe next year.

As for this year, the awards in London were still well-worth attending, if just for the sight of two delightful views in the form of Gillian Anderson flashing a good bit of cleave on the red carpet (we will never stop dreaming of Gillian Anderson) and the underrated Emily Blunt, who was pretty damn amazing in Looper and even more amazing when dolled up for the big lights on big nights. I’m not exactly sure how Harper’s Bazaar votes on such awards, but I’m guessing it must have something to do with surveying men about secret faptastic favorites, because Gillian and Emily make many a man’s list in that regard. Enjoy.

Gillian Anderson Cleavetastic Wonderments at ‘Great Expectations’ Premiere

Our fondness for all things Gillian Anderson will never ever fade. Fanboys know (and feel) what I’m talking about. And when Gillian Anderson makes a rare public appearance flashing a little skin, a little cleavy boobtastic no less, well, it’s down to the basement with the Costco container of Intensive Care, don’t come knocking for five to eleven hours time.

Gillian looked like a million bucks at last night’s film premiere of Great Expectations in Italy. We have even taken to her as a blonde, I’m sure she’ll be happy to hear. And we’ve taken to her even more so as a cleavage peeking hottie. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Amber Heard Topless Hot, Miranda Kerr Sexy Hot, Kelly Brook Biknis, and Much More…

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Oh, how you do slay us with your gracious gritty goodness. Once a week the great and above-average educated vast Egotastic! audience comes together in a moment of boobtastic benevolence to communally quaff the offerings of sextastic goodness. Yep, Reader Finds.

And this week’s bevy of bare or mostly bare beauties includes some big time names, like Amber Heard arty and topless, Miranda Kerr flashing more hot skin, Kelly Brook in some classic bikini candids, Gillian Anderson going high whale tale on the red carpet,  Kate Beckinsale looking ever lovely, Little ‘Erin’ from The Waltons all grown up and see-through, and a mucho aweseome Reader SNAPS of Iris Mulej from one of our good Slovenian photogs. It’s a wonderful week indeed.
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Gillian Anderson Cleavage Peeks at London’s Mission Impossible Premiere

That suction sound you hear is the collective pumping of body lotion squirt bottles in the basement bedrooms of millions of fanboys at the mere hint of bare boobage from nerdboy favorite, Gillian Anderson, the now 40-something, still completely hot X-Files thespianic who gave the rare flash of cleavage last night at the London premiere of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

Oh, how we have dreamed of mo’ mo’ skin from Gillian Anderson, but we will certainly rejoice in this delightful bit of cleavy tease from our geek queen. Enjoy.

Gillian Anderson All Grown Up and Sexy for Fault Magazine

For all you Gillian Anderson fanboys out there (speaking to myself included now), does it not seem that Gillian is getting even hotter as she gains veteran celebrity status? Well, perhaps I’m allowing some old fantasies to mix with some hopeful prospects for even sexier Gillian Anderson photoshoots, sparked by this mini-pictorial for Fault magazine where the former X-Files star gives a very slim, hot, grown up, mature hottie pose for the cameras. Oh, Scully, you’ll never go out of style. Enjoy.