Geri Halliwell

Geri Halliwell’s Ginger Beaver Here to Soothe England’s Woes


Sally forth, England. Yes, the World Cup is not going quite as expected, the folks on the Continent are centimeters away from strapping you into EU school uniforms, and you’ve lost Leona Lewis to California, still, let the soothing power of Britain’s own Geri Halliwell and her ginger-spiced beaver wash over you like a baptismal rain. Wash away the pain, and see for yourself if the carpet matches the drapes.

Geri Halliwell Bikini Grabbing

Here are some more Geri Halliwell bikini pictures, but these are particularly fun, because there’s a whole lot of grabbing going on. There’s Geri Halliwell grabbing her breast. Geri Halliwell’s ass being grabbed by some old dude. And Geri Halliwell being grabbed from behind by her boyfriend. Looks like fun, don’t it?

Geri Halliwell Bikini Fun

You know what I like about these Geri Halliwell bikini pictures? It looks like she’s having fun. Yeah she looks great in her gold bikini, but so often, celebrities in bikinis just don’t look like they’re enjoying themselves, and it makes a difference. Anyways, you probably couldn’t give a crap, but I’m just saying, she looks like she’s in a good mood, and it’s putting me in a good mood. Also, she’s pretty hot.

Photo credit: Fame

Geri Halliwell Bikini Pictures are HAWT

It’s really not surprising that after all these years, Geri Halliwell would emerge on top as the hottest Spice Girl turned MILF (given Melanie Brown’s new manly physique, and Victoria Beckham’s anorexic frame and robo-boobs), but every time I see new Geri Halliwell bikini pictures, it’s just another reminder of that fact. And these shots of Geri on a boat are no exception. In fact, I think she’s looking as good as she’s looked in a long time. Real boobs, and firm, but not too firm abs. She’s like the Goldilocks of the Spice Girls.

Photo credit: Fame

Geri Halliwell Bikini Issues

While Mel B has gotten super ripped, Geri Halliwell looks to have put on a few pounds, but that’s okay, because she still looks pretty good, and it looks like she hasn’t bought a new bikini in a while, and this one is a little too small, leading to what were almost a few Geri Halliwell nipple slips. Instead, we’ve got Geri Halliwell adjusting her bikini, and looking down her bikini bottoms. Not bad.

Photo credit: INF Photo

Geri Halliwell Goes Commando, Flashes Ass at Children’s Award Show

Oops! Looks like Geri Halliwell showed a bit too much ass at the 13th Annual British Academy Children’s Awards last night. I’m not sure who wears a see-through dress to an award show for kids, but not only did Geri do that, she also went commando! Hey kids, who wants to see a beaver!?

Photo credit: WENN / Splash News

Sexy Hot Geri Halliwell Bikini Pictures

So I’ve had these Geri Halliwell bikini pictures from Hello magazine sitting on my hard drive since about august, and I can’t believe I forgot to post them. These are some truly sexy, and bendy pictures, and Geri is definitely looking the best she ever has. And even better, you won’t get all freaked out like if these were bikini pics of Scary Spice.