Georgie Darby

Georgie Darby Topless Muay Thai Workout, It’s a Real Thing, A Really Good Thing

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Everybody loves the MMA fighting these days. It’s cutting across all demos and audience segments, including into the world of high glamour glamorous goody two-melon models like Georgie Darby. I’m not sure if this buxom Brit is actually preparing to fight for real, I don’t care. I’m prepared to dream it. Why can’t there be a world where ridiculously bodacious young lovelies kick box while topless? In my world I assure you, it already exists.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen hide or peep of Georgie Darby, truly one of the exquisite bits of allure England has managed to foster in their lovely honey indoor hot house maintained on the royal gardens. She certainly seems to be in fighting shape, among other activities that stellar body might be optimally designed for. I think I need to do some crunches, or just head straight to the cold showers. Tap out. Georgie, I submit. Now take your prize. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Georgie Darby


Rosie Jones and Georgie Darby Oil Themselves Up and Down For Mammarial Mondays

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One of these days, I’m going to break it all down with my shrink, the eminent doctor Medford Oblangata, to figure out why it is I have such an obsession with ridiculously hot women shining each other up (and down) in slick, oily substances. I’m certain there must be some deeper, primitive meaning to the feeling a man gets upon seeing two epic hot shiny women getting all kinds of nekkid.

The unreasonably hot duo of Rosie Jones and Georgie Darby found themselves in just such an unctuously delicious position in this latest pictorial from our friends at Nuts magazine, keeper of all things boobtastic and Britty and holy. I simply can not retrain my orbital sockets in any other direction but right at the petroleum laden hot unclothed bodies of these two ladies. Just when you think the tug vault is full, wow, there’s always room for another deposit. Enjoy.


Georgie Darby Topless Pictures Are a Taste of Boobtastic Things to Come (Egotastic! Exclusive from Frank White in the U.K.)


In our neverending quest to fill this world with big beautiful boobs, in the manner that Noah filled his ark, two by glorious two, Egotastic! is enlisting the support of Frank White Pictures to bring our readers the first and best of the best Page 3 Girls for the most ridiculous pinup funbags Britain has to offer. Am I excited? I’m speechless, as if suckling on an enormous nipple filled with joy.

Say hello to Georgie Darby, Page 3 brunette extraordinaire and the first look at her 2011 topless calender pictures. How is it that Britain rarely sees a day of sunshine but manages to get their big topped beauties all tan and beachy? Some secrets, I don’t want to know. I just wish to ogle that which is inherently boobtastic. Enjoy.