Georgia Salpa

When Irish Boobs Are Smiling: Georgia Salpa Wicked Hot and Barely Clad in FHM


Georgia Salpa has a body on her that I’d like to find in either my boudoir, my bathtub, or the backseat of my car with a lascivious smile and a finger motioning for me to join her in the back. We’d have to get very close given the size of my foreign import made predominantly out of toothpicks and peas, but cramped would be fine with the bodacious bosom and supremely curvaceous form of this Greek-Irish lass.

Featured in the latest edition of FHM South Africa, Georgia Salpa shows why precisely ten million boys will become young men thinking about her as they flip through the pages of her various photo wonderments. Swimsuits, half shirts, barely there bottoms, and those amazing funbags hardly contained. She has some super powers beyond the mere understanding of mortal men. Especially mortal fapping men. Enjoy.

Georgia Salpa Lingerie Curvy and Fully Loaded

Georgia Salpa has a body I’d love to be invited to be invited to survey for a topographical map. The blogger than went up a hill and came down a mountain over and over again until he was chafed and exhausted. The Irish-Greek Britty styled model just has the entire bodacious brunette thing working double time. It might be triple time, I’m still counting.

Featured in the current edition of Loaded magazine, Georgia Salpa and some bras and panties go a long way toward cementing a solid place in the hot model body Pantheon for the Lady Salpa. Those killer curves are roads to die on, or for, or just pressed up against and suffocating with a smile. Georgia, you are killing me. Enjoy.

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Georgia Salpa Smoking Hot Shoot in Nuts Magazine January 2014

Georgia Salpa Drops Major Cleavage at the U.K. Lingerie Awards

Awards for wearing lingerie? What awesomeness is this, pray tell? The British may be pushing out noxious boy band craptastic of late, but they’ve also developed something called the Lingerie Awards, which gives them a Get Out of Jail Free card on that other artistic stank.

Georgia Salpa showed up cleavetastic big time for the event, flashing acres and acres of chestal goodness, to either win an award, or show that it was an honor just to be nominated. There are so many trophies I would like to give Georgia for her epic frontal goodness. One of them looks not so dissimilar to an Oscar. Good show, Georgia. Enjoy.

Georgia Salpa Flashes Major Cleavage for New Magazine Party

We dig Georgia Salpa, ever since we first saw her major league fun bags. Of course, we like, appreciate, and honor the woman as a whole (I learned that phrase from my lone feminist friend), but, if I’m being totally honest as a man, yes, I am looking down there, Georgia.

The party balloons came out to play last night at the New Magazine 10th Anniversary Party in the the U.K., where Georgia’s cleavetastic was the talk of the town, and the biggest takeaway from the party. Well, I imagine one dude might have gotten the privilege of actually motorboating those puppies later in the evening, but for the rest of us who had a choice between ogling Georgia’s bazoongas and a New Magazine parting gift bag, well, choose the bazoongas.  Thank you Georgia for your wonderful gifts. Enjoy.

Georgia Salpa Sucks a Sexy Cold Missile of Her Own for FHM (VIDEO)

I’m led to believe by media accounts that Britain is loaded with hot brunette models who delight in orally servicing frozen phallic-shaped treats in betwixt getting half-nekkid for the camera. Oh, it’s probably not 100% of British ladies, last I checked, the Queen was not fellating a Fudge-Sicle, and I’m not talking dirty Cockney slang for what happened with the Prince of Malta immediately after the war, but I still dare to dream that summer time in the Old Country means buxom brunettes on bikes blowing frozen treats.

Which leads us to the delicious bit of Irish lass-ness, Georgia Salpa, behind the scenes of her August pictorial for FHM magazine, where the raven-haired hottie is also engaged in a little bit if cunning linguistics with the world’s luckiest popsicle (oh, to melt away in such a place). Georgia Salpa is all kinds of hot, both engaged in

To see all of Georgia Salpa on FHM, be sure to visit her FHM covergirl page.

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Georgia Salpa Sweet and Sticky Drippings for FHM (VIDEO)

Oh, Lucky Bastard Syrup Bottle!

Do you happen to dig super hot brunette Irish glamour models pouring stick maple syrup on their sweet bra-clad funbags? Why, of course you do. In which case, you must check out this video from our friends at FHM wherein hottie d’jour Georgia Salpa provides a healthy bit of anticipation in the form of some sweet and stick drippings courtesy of some blessed maple syrup. You’d be a sap to miss it!

Be sure to check out much more of Georgia Salpa on FHM. Enjoy.