Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot Works Out, You Get Sweaty and Moist

I can’t imagine a much hotter visual than Gal Gadot working out in Spandex. The Israeli hottie from Fast and Furious and soon to be our world’s next Wonder Woman, is bodily pimping the shizz out of some workout line and doing so with tremendous success.

Gal Gadot rarely gets mentioned in Top Ten lists by people who feel obliged to make such lists. It may be her general lack of top level name recognition, because it certainly can’t be the happy feelings she forms in the libido with just a smile, forget about what her ridiculously sextastic body does to a man. I wish Wonder Woman would happen right now. Magic lasso me, Gal, and I will do your bidding. Your awful naughty deviant bidding if there is a God. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Yossi Avrahami & Shin Cohen For Castro Active Clothing

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Gal Gadot in Fast 5Shoutout to EgoReader ‘Chase C.’ for spending his waking moments mesmerized over super Fast and Furious 5 hottie, Gal Gadot, and for having the benevolence to share a slice of Gal from FF5 with the rest of the Egotastic! community.

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