Gaia Weiss

Ask Renny Harlin Anything You Want, Seriously…Anything

To The Internets!

Like me, you’ve probably got some burning questions to ask Renny Harlin. The good news is that we’ll get our chance in a few short hours. 

The director of the upcoming Hercules: The Legend Begins is participating in a Reddit Ask Me Anything chat this Monday, Oct. 14 at 1PM ET.

Harlin, best known for directing big-budget action fare such as Die Hard 2, Cliffhanger, and the criminally under-attended The Long Kiss Goodnight, is prepared to answer questions about anything. Wonder how he tricked Sylvester Stallone into facing his fear of heights or what’s under Hercules: The Legend Begins hottie Gaia Weiss‘ toga? I mean, don’t we all want to know what his ex-wife Geena Davis looks like nekkid? Ok, fine — fair enough — that last one is only a priority for some of us.

Either way, it’s not every day you can have an intimate chat with a real live Hollywood film director , so set yourself a reminder to join the conversation here this Monday.

Gaia Weiss Angelic and Cleavetastic at Parisian Fashion Show

One of my annual and forever unfulfilled goals is to attend the Paris Fashion show in July, not just because I believe that it’s time for gym shorts and Crocs to be taken seriously as workplace fashion, but because the entire City of Light is chock full of regional hotties pimping the wares of many a floppy-pawed seamster. Case in point, French actress and model, Gaia Weiss, who stole the hearts of many an ogler at the show merely by strutting the sidewalk in a virginal gown of cleavetastic distinction. This sexy up and coming Euro-celeb reminds us that bras are definitely overrated, and amazingly hot women with bare boobs are, by definition, highly underrated. Enjoy.