Gabriella Wilde

Epic Coffee House Prank Is Actually a Promotional Stunt for ‘Carrie’ Remake

Sure beats a lame commercial

Getting people excited for the remake of the classic 1974 horror film Carrie is no easy task. If people are old enough to be familiar with the original, they probably have no interest in the remake because they are skeptical it could ever be as good. If people are not old enough to be familiar with the original, then you have to create interest out of thin air.

Fortunately for everyone involved in the project—which includes Julianne Moore and Gabriella Wildeby the way—MGM has some pretty clever marketing people, and they’ve cooked up one hell of a viral marketing campaign.


Gabriella Wilde Portrays a Sexy ‘Sue Snell’ Working Out Her Teen Bitchy in ‘Carrie’ Remake

No offense to Amy Irving, who gave an amazingly bitchy-good performance in the original film version of Carrie, but Gabriella Wilde in the role of the iconic high-school hottie who learns a lesson about how badly Carrie is going eff-the-shizz up with her psychic meltdown on all mean people in the school, well, British thespianic hottie Gabriella Wilde has to take top honors.

I’m not exactly sure why they’re remaking this fine film, and despite fairly stellar looking cast, I’m already wondering where on the list of misplaced remakes  this film might ultimately rank, still, it’s at its core a film about a goth chick reigning down the pain on some sexy stuckup cheerleaders, the ultimate girl fight, so we’re bound to love it on concept. As for Gabriella Wilde, we love her more than just on concept. Check her out doing stretches and bends. Enjoy.