Franziska Gurtler

Franziska Gurtler Topless Hotness in Croatia, But the Super Purty Pride of Germany

Franziska Gurtler Super Sexy Nekkid and Topless Pictorial
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Okay, track me geographically here. Outside of winning the UEFA cup or a major world war, the biggest prize in Europe these days is to get some of your native homeland celebrity hotties onto the worldwide pages of Egotastic! so we get letters, passionate cries in languages we often don’t recognize (as English itself is still 47% mystery to us) pimping out the celebrity models and actresses of their ancestral lands.

And, we got a sweeping weeping note from a swell Egotastic! reader in Crotia who just freed himself from 11 straight days of catatonic drool at the sight of ridiculously fine blonde model Franziska Gurtler gracing the cover of his Crotian Playboy magazine this month. However, as such things go, a little digging reveals that Franziska Gurtler is actually a daughter of Deutschland, upon who’s bunny magazine pages she was featured in this same pictorial a year earlier. Oh, lamentable moment for Croatian pride. And big ups for Germany.

But, in the spirit of the Olympics and all that is boobtastic and beautiful, let us all come together an ogle Franziska Gurtler two’s as one. Enjoy.

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