Frankie Sandford

The Saturdays Don Bikinis for Some Guy-Friendly Kind of Reality

Now, I know what you’re thinking, boy, I wish there was more craptastic reality television programming to consume on television. And, have no fear, there is always more coming. One of those shows is the reality show following the British pop group The Saturdays, which contains five pretty fine British girl, though I think one dropped out, I’m not sure and I’m not willing to watch the show to find out.

But, hark, good news, because as part of their highly-scripted reality situations, Frankie Sandford, Mollie King, and Una Healy of the all-girl group hit the beach in California in bikinis, flashing some of the skin that promises to be the main, perhaps only reason to check these girls out on television. Some reasonably mighty fine views on the beach, some hot bodies, and songs that even a seven-year old could memorize after one listening — what more could you want? Enjoy.

Mollie King and Frankie Sandford Sunbathe Their Saturdays in Spain

A trifecta of Britastic bikini boobtastic?  I’m defenseless here. What am I to do when you limeys spread your sexiest representatives of the female of the species out around to the beaches of the world?  Two of my favorite Saturdays (I lust them all, equally, should they ever tie me up naked and force me to answer, as in my recurring dream), Mollie King and Frankie Sandford doing what sexy girls do best, laying stretched out glistening in the midday Spanish sun upon their taut bodies. (Excuse me while I throw some cold water on myself.) One blonde, one brunette. Now that’s a Saturday sandwich meant for a king. Enjoy.

Mollie King Nipple Slips Highlights The Saturdays by the Pool


If you’ve never had a fantasy about being with the entire female hottie pop group, The Saturdays, you’re not really dreaming. And three of the Brit dance pop sextastic made themselves available hotel poolside in L.A., tanning up before getting set to produce their latest music video (which hopefully involves a whole lotta Saturdays skin). Being well-mannered girls, Mollie King was kind of enough to provide poolside oglers with a bare shot of her nipple as the best kind of hello to America, and, along with hottie bandmates, Una Healy (who we loved all topless last summer) and naughty brunette Frankie Sanford, made for a perfect trio, and a perfect Tuesday viewing of the Saturdays. Enjoy.

FHM 2011 Calendar Reminds Us of a Past Year of Hotness

As we head toward the end of 2010, the 2011 FHM calendar is a great reminder of some of the hotness from this past year, more specifically, the best of the FHM magazine picture sets from this past season. Leading with this past January photos of the super sexy Rachel Stevens, and picking up lust-speed with the likes or Olivia Munn, Kelly Brook, Audrina Patridge, Diora Baird, Frankie Sandford, Marisa Miller, and Michelle Keegan, well, it’s been a wonderful year of sextastic celebrity on the British lads magazine. Really some of my favorite shots of this past year. Now, I’m making myself tear up a bit. This always happens around the holidays for me, just thinking of the amazingly hot women we’re all going to see in the coming year, each year just gets better and better. Enjoy.

See more of Rachel Stevens and other cover girls at

Frankie Sandford Nip Slip for The Benefit of Oglers


Not all nipple slips are created equal. There’s the drop, the drag, the slide, the shimmy, and the peek-a-boo. I think I’d categorize this Frankie Sandford nipple slip pictures taken outside the Chinawhite club under ‘the slide’, a nice glimpse into the top of this Saturdays singer, who may be behind Una Healy (for me) as to hot Saturdays, but whose nipples I will gladly gladly ogle all day and into the night. I’m keeping my eye on these Saturdays girls. Enjoy.

The Saturdays Are Boobtastic Even On A Thursday

Okay, so maybe The Saturdays of rising British pop fame are merely a weakly imagined redux of the Spice Girls; still, there’s nothing weak about wonderful deep cleavage, on display by the foursome of Rochelle Wiseman, Mollie King, Frankie Sandford, and Una Healy on U.K. soil this past week (okay, there’s also a fifth chick in this band, I’m just sure of it, but she didn’t make the show, so she doesn’t make our show.) Often times, my never-ending quest for hotness forces me to watch movies or television I care not for, or traffic in the mind-numbing sounds of bubble gum ‘tween pop, but this is my burden in life, to find the sexiness and bring it to you, at all costs. Did Marco Polo complain about all the horrible STDs he acquired in the process of bringing back noodles from the Orient to Italy? Yeah, that whiny mofo probably did. But you’ll hear nonesuch complaints from this boobtastic explorer. I love my field of research that much. Enjoy.

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Monday’s Silver Lining: Frankie Sandford Nipple Slip


Mondays can be rough. Quite frankly, the rabble in our office looks ready to slaughter the King. But, nothing gets the old workweek pumping like some celebrity nipples. In order to save our own heads, we’re offering up sweet sexy Saturdays singer, Frankie Sandford nipple slip picture.

Mondays, survive, advance, nipple, peek, ogle, enjoy.