Francia Raisa

Francia Raisa Bares Midriff for Hot Hollywood Clubbing Time

I really do have a thing for Francia Raisa. Such an underrated sextastic celebrity. Francia’s impressive chest seems a bit smaller in her tiny top, so I am investigating. I’d hate to think that anything happened to her luscious lovelies in the name of back pain or professional advancement. Perish the thought.

Francia was out at the hot Bootsy Bellows nightspot passing right by the line where they always tell me the wait is three years, and right into the club, but not before leaving a hot body impression on the paparazzi and gentleman oglers in the vicinity. She really does make your head turn. If you don’t have chronic neck pain, you’re probably not working your leering muscles nearly enough. Enjoy.

Francia Raisa Sextastic in Silhouettes Like You’ve Never Seen Her Before

I’m a super fan of underrated sultry hottie Francia Raisa. She’s been shedding her teen TV girl image of late for more grown up motif photo ops, which is more than past time considering she’s a solid 20-something with a super solid female form.

In this unique silhouette in black and white from Isabelle Ratane, Francia starts to use her lady curves in sultry and provocative fashion, even if mildly obscured by the medium. This is a big step forward. About the same size step I’d have been tempted to make forward had I been at this photoshoot. Francia really has so much more goodness to give. This feels like an appetizer for something outstanding to come. Francia, you’re going to be hot body genius. I can’t wait. Enjoy.

Francia Raisa Bikini Birthday Girl for Underrated Hottie Appreciation Day

Every day should be underrated hottie appreciation day. Why not. While the girls who are universally honored in song and faptastic dance are ever sextastic, it’s often the girls who don’t get the pub who I imagine jumping out of my birthday cake. Or me, their birthday cake, if the cake be of substantial girth.

Francis Raisa had a little birthday party for herself in Malibu and decided to wear a bikini top to show off her sweet and bosomy 20-something body as it turned a year older. Just watching her blow out the candles made me hope she was wishing for something really naughty and obscure. Like a blogger who is poetically promoting her goodness. That would be me, Francia. Save some blowing. That sounded wrong. But I’m not taking it back. Enjoy.

Francia Raisa Shows Off Her Midriff and Booty in West Hollywood

Francia Raisa was bare-midrifferiffic last night as she left 1Oak in West Hollywood. The Secret Life Of The American Teenager star had everything from the bottom of her ginormous breasticles to the top of her lady bit area exposed to the world. She has a perfectly toned stomach with just the right amount of muscle. It also helps that her skin is flawless. You can’t pull of bare mid-riff with bad skin. No one wants to see that. She’s also got a gorgeous face and kind of reminds me of a young Jennifer Lopez. She’s got those same full pouty lips. And of course, there is also her perfectly formed apple bottom. It also harkens back to J-Lo’s booty. She’s like the second coming.

Francia is seriously hot. I used to watch Secret Life with my brother in law and we made a drinking game where we took a shot every time they talked like a PSA. Francia was the hottest girl on a show with a lot of hot friggin’ girls.

Francia Raisa Sideboob Turns Out to Be an Unlikely Hero

I’ve always had a crush on brunette buxom little hottie Francia Raisa. She of many family hour TV shows I’d never really watch, not unless she was showing off more sideboob, the kind she did at the Unlikely Heroes Red Carpet benefit in Los Angeles. Perhaps given the splendor of her chestal goodness, it’s not so unlikely that Francia decided to give us a little visual taste of her large funbags, but I’m certainly going to label it heroic.

There’s a tendency among some of the bustier young ladies in Tinsel Town to cover up their ripe melons as if there’s something wrong with being blessed with what your peers are driving to the doctor’s office to try and re-create. Nay, to the contrary. What Mother Nature has seen fit to bestow upon you is a gift to be shared. The same reason I do my yodeling in public. We each must share our natural talents with the rest of the world. That is our social contract. Francia, it is your duty to flash your boobies. Just saying. Enjoy.

Francia Raisa and Serinda Swan Not So Unlikely Hotties at Gala

They have this Unlikely Heroes gala every fall and every year it’s another disappointment for me not to be even nominated. I like to think it’s because I’m a Likely Hero for my work in the sharing of the sextastic, but I suppose it might have something to do with the fact that I don’t share the hotness skills of the likes of Francia Raisa and Serinda Swan, showing off in form fitting dresses at the fancy affair over the weekend.

There were many sweet female types in attendance at I’m sure well-meaning event, but Francia and Serinda stole the show for me, frontside and booty. A couple girls we don’t see all too often on here, but certainly deserve your ogling attention. Just wicked wicked hot and spankable. They are. Just, please, be polite and ask first. Enjoy.

Francia Raisa Cleavetastic Goodness on the Imagen Awards Red Carpet

As soon as I’m done ogling the busty Francia Raisa on the red carpet for a few more hours, I’ll go ahead and lookup what the Imagen awards actually are. But, for now, ignorance is about as blissful as I feel gazing into the deep cleavy bosom of the underrated brunette hottie at the awards ceremony over the weekend.

Somebody has to steal every red carpet, it’s sort of a Hollywood tradition. And if you’re going for queen bee of the crimson carpet, why not bring out your entire arsenal of goodies to win the day. We applaud Francia, and her plumped up funbags, for turning this award show into a very visually rewarding experience. Enjoy.