Ferne McCann

Billie Faiers Bikini Cleavage Drops Filming With TOWIE Girls in the Canaries

The reality show phenomenon The Only Way is Essex continues to appeal in Britain for the very same reason they do in the U.S. or any other country in the word. Busty girls showing off their melons in scene after scene of manufactured reality. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. In fact, I like a little story with my prurient peeks and ogling. It helps to focus the eyesight.

Billie Faiers and her chesty cohorts made their way about various staged settings in bikini tops flashing all kinds of cleavage in Tenerife to remind viewers why they’re watching TOWIE instead of Sherlock Holmes or Downton Abbey. Consider us reminded. It’s elementary, my dear Watson. Sextastic sells. And these girls aren’t being pulled away from shooting for pressing movie roles. Enjoy.

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Ferne McCann Bikinis Poolside in Vegas for TOWIE Exported Hot Body Dominance

The British girls from the craptastic TOWIE reality show just keep on giving when they head abroad on bikini vacations. In this case, Ferne McCann, who brought her Essex figure and curves to the Encore Beach Club in Vegas for some kind of pimping opening and hot body exhibition.

I personally don’t know many girls named Ferne. But if they continue to look like this in a bikini, I’ll even forgive them the silent ‘e’ at the end of their names that will cause me to often make misspellings in my stalker letters. Oh, how I try to be precise in those crayon drawn correspondences. Ferne, please let me know the next time you’ll be in Vegas. I’m still sitting on a hotel room upgrade at Circus Circus that includes a free breakfast buffet. Naturally, you’ll be too worn down from our sweaty evening of passion to head downstairs, but I’ll bring you back some pigs in a blanket as a morning gift. Enjoy.

Ferne McCann Bikini Pictures Don’t Need No Stinking Top to Flash Her Hot Bottom

Say hello to Ferne McCann. She’s a TOWIE. That craptastic British reality show that, if nothing else, has brought us tons of hot lady jugs to ogle on vacation in Spain, if not just low cut bouncy outfits in London evenings.

Ferne was sunbathing and poolside tanning on one of the Spanish island resorts and clearly deciding she didn’t want tan lines on her back. I’m not exactly sure who gets to see the tan lines on her back, but I’m going to go ahead and call him one very lucky guy . Personally, I’d pay to rub Ferne down with some SPF Bill and see how her skin shines in the midday Mediterranean sun. I’m a cheeky bastard now in complete lust with Ferne McCann’s cheeks. I’ll have to seek resolution of some kind. Enjoy.