Fernanda Marin

Fernanda Marin Bikini Sextastic for the Pimping of the Water

I’ve still yet to see a single bottle of this bottled H20 on the store shelves, but it matters not for these 138 water folks have brought us six months now of some ridiculously hot domestic and international models drinking and pouring the fancy water over themselves much to the delight of millions of thirsty gentleman oglers.

The latest and greatest is Fernanda Marin, Brazilian sextastic sensation getting all hot and prostrate and bothered whilst sucking down the 138 water in front of the Pink Dot outlet on Sunset Blvd.. Considering Pink Dot is who I call to get my grub on in the quite late evening hours, I think I see a wonderfully tasty addition to my standard order. Fernanda Marin in that tiny bikini. I don’t even need food at that point. Not when you have take-out Brazilian. Yummy and pre-moistened. Enjoy.

Fernanda Marin Bikini Pictures Still Hot Pimping the Bottled Water

I’m not exactly sure who the bottled water company is that keeps conducting sextastic bikini photoshoots with Brazilian model Fernanda Marin, but I’m sure glad they are.

This Sudamericana hottie import has just one ridiculously hot bikini body and whatever it’s being used to pimp, I’m down with that. In fact, just ogling Fernanda I do feel a little parched. I could use a refreshing drink, a long draw from a tall straw leading right the sweet body of Fernanda Marin. Enjoy.

Fernanda Marin Bikini Photos Are Hot and Tan and Sunglass Classic Goodness

Fernanda Marin is fast becoming one of my fast favorite hottie imports in the Brazilian model category. Or just the general sextastic category. The addition of her fine body to the L.A. landscape as been a big boon for those of us who spent much of our time with binoculars peeking about Hollywood and the beach areas for fine booties. I like to think of us as gentlemen oglers, the authorities occasionally have a different name for it.

But how can you resist the lustful visuals of a girl like Fernanda, perfectly tanned skin in a white bikini barely housing one of the world’s finest female forms? I rest my case. Enjoy.

Fernanda Marin Rollerskating Brazilian Bikini Hotness

When I first came to L.A., I always imagined there’d be super sextastic women rollerskating along the beach in their bikinis and little bottoms. Much to my pleasant surprises, that mostly turned out to be true, well, some of the ladies turned out to be guys, and you really do have to hesitate a moment before declaring some long haired tanned body on roller skates to be your next wife, but for the most part, hot ladies.

But these visions of passion inducement on wheels don’t just grow up from the ground like weeds. They have to come from somewhere. And that somewhere is a place like Brazil, where models like Fernanda Marin who we first met quite almost topless in Malibu are air mailed to our lucky shores to show off their bodies in both sport and work. Today, sport. As Fernanda strapped on the wheels and a bikini top and a pair of shorts to remind me once again why I chose L.A. over Michigan. No offense, Michigan, it was a close call. And, yes, that is a true story. Enjoy.

Fernanda Marin Bikini Pictures Reveal Even More Brazilian Perfection

The last time we saw Fernanda Marin on the beach in Malibu, her top was falling off. That’s hard to top. But we’ll take any chance to peruse the finely stocked aisles of this Brazilian fine female form, a model in the tradition of the sextastic women of her home country that spread around the world generating blood flow to the appendages of men across the globe. Erection missionaries if you will.

Oh, sure that sounds silly, until you lay your eyes upon Fernanda Marin once again in a bikini on the beach in Malibu. Just one stellar hot body, perfectly fitting into her bikini for a bit of hot girl on the beach epic ogle time. Ooh. Ahh. There, I said it for you. Enjoy.

Fernanda Marin Loses Her Bikini Top for Almost Peek-a-Boo Greatness

Fernanda Marin is a super faptastic looking Brazilian model and TV show hostess trying to cut it up north here in Yankee town, and by the looks of her photoshoot in Malibu and somewhat staged, but still quite awesome bikini top loss, I’d say she’s making great headway, err, bodyway.

As a general ambassador of hotness to the world, I would like to extend an invitation to all sextastic women from 200 or however many nations we have now in the world to come to America in bikinis and lose your tops in our waters. I’ll bring the wine and crudite platter. Enjoy.

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