Federica Torti

Federica Torti Yellow Bikini Sextastic Kickstars the Miami Hot Body Competitions

With some slightly less sunny weather in Miami, the unofficial world’s hottest bikini body competition was put on hold for a few days, but fear not, as Italian hottie Federica Torti made her way with her wicked two-piece bikini body and her cellphone back onto the beaches of South Florida to once more lay down the gauntlet of sextastic competition. She wore yellow just to let the other ladies of the area know she was warning them to start their own engines and apply their last few days of indoor Pilates to the beach scene.

Seeing Federica in her bikini reminds me once again just how special the female form is. Everyday I get down on my knees and thank Mother Nature for her fairer sex creations. Being on my knees conveniently puts me in position for a few upskirt views as well. I really recommend the genuflecting if you get the chance. Enjoy.

Federica Torti Bikini Cartwheels Are a Solid Way to Get Attention

I’ve been talking much about the level of competition along Miami Beach for the hottest bikini body show on earth. Now, enter the talent portion. It’s not enough just to have a spectacular Pilates body in a tiny bikini any longer. You’ve got to kick the show up a couple notches. Add in some flames or chainsaw juggling or cartwheels as Italian sextastica Federica Torti performed on the sand.

Sure, she looks wicked hot in her bikini, but checking out her tan lines as she twirls akimbo across the beach, now that’s a something a little bit extra. Sweet icing on and already sweet cake. I really like where this is headed. The sky’s the limit on attention seeking hotties. Enjoy.

Federica Torti Bikini Pictures Introduce Even More Italian Hot Bodied Goodness

Did I mention the Italians were coming. Oh, yeah, that was just a few minutes ago and already there are more. This is like a Roman invasion of the sextastic variety. Add Italian TV show hostess Federica Torti to the list of bikini clad babes from European nation choosing to spend their last week of Winter in Miami taking in the sun.

The girls from The Boot don’t seem quite as afraid of Mother Sun as their American counterparts, preferring to get a little color in their skin. I’m not going to argue with the dermatological set over freckles and worse, but I will say there’s something to be said for ladies with tan lines. Specifically, that thing would be ‘hubba hubba’. Enjoy.