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Courtney Stodden And Farrah Abraham Big Boobtastic Showdown At Star Magazine Event

Hey, it’s a Star Magazine event. If you’re looking for high class, well, try down the block at The Economist party. You might notice the bust lines a little less busty that were breaking out at the Star Magazine gig which included Courtney Stodden and Farrah Abraham proudly sticking out their chests, shoulders back, in a fine funbag showdown. I hope you didn’t show up expecting them to debate politics.

Say what you will about the reality stars and/or adult film stars showing up to your event. They will come ready for show. And Courtney and Farrah definitely have developed the fuller window displays. It’s not a contest, but it totally is. Both are winners in my book, you know, in this relatively narrow playing field. Enjoy.

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Farrah Abraham In Lingerie at Her Sex Toy Party

Reality star and “backdoor mom” Farrah Abraham wore a black bustier to her sex toy launch party. The lingerie had cutouts allowing you a view of her enormous ta-tas. There is some sideboob, underboob, as well as lots of cleavage. When you are packing a pair of funbags like Farrah, there is plenty to show off. Farrah was also sporting a g-string which was in full view through the sheer top of her see-through teddy. Say what you want about Farrah, she’s got a pretty spectacular booty. In addition, she had on one of my favorite bits of sexy underwear, a garter belt and stockings. It’s unbelievable to me that every woman used to wear those back in the day. How did our grandfathers defeat the Nazis with all of those hot chicks in garter belts and stockings walking around?

The sex toys she was promoting are rubber molds of her girly bits that one can make sweet sweet love to. I hear they are dishwasher safe.

Farrah 2: Backdoor And More Is Out! I’ll Be Live Tweeting My First Viewing

UPDATE: Date change to Thursday, 2/13 at 3:00PM PST. My computer crashed and my mom found my porn.

There can’t possibly be anything more exciting than reading a stranger watching porn. I dare you to find something. At 3:00pm PST today I’ll be live-tweeting my first viewing of the Backdoor Teen Mom sequel, Farrah 2: Backdoor and More.

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If you’d like to follow along more dramatically, you can now download your own copy of Farrah 2: Backdoor and More and all other Vivid celebrity sex tapes at the Vivid Celebrities sticky portal, as it were. We can watch it together. That’s not the least bit non-manly. Enjoy.

Farrah Abraham Part 2: Backdoor and More in an Exclusive Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

Part 2 of Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Screencaps
Click to See Uncensored

I know what you’re thinking. Boy, that Backdoor Teen Mom sure was groovy family-friendly entertainment. I only wish there was more. Well, you my ferociously fapping friend are in luck! For today we have a sneak peek at the Farrah Abraham adult film sequel, Farrah 2: Backdoor and More, which is an assemblage of previously unseen and rather naughty clips from her first go-round.

Our good friends at Vivid have sneaked us an exclusive peek at Farrah in her banging swing work. The actual film itself is available on Vivid at midnight tonight — 2/12/14. Sort of like going to see The Hobbit midnight premiere, if the Hobbits had big funbags and were getting desolated by James Deen. Hey, that could happen. Enjoy.

(The good folks at WWTDD should have more Farrah 2 Backdoor and More photos up as well.)

Check Out the Sneak Peek Video of Farrah 2 »

Farrah Abraham Bikini Pictures For Your Teen Mom Rent Money

Farrah Abraham knows how to wear a bikini. Well, she also knows how to not wear a bikini and do some naughty fun things on video, but that’s neither here nor there (though it is here in my office, technically speaking). She keeps herself in fine fit female form, bikini ready at any hour of the day to pose or candidly in her bikini somewhere along the Florida shoreline.

Farrah has a job to do these days. Looking prime in her bikini and jiggling her behind at strip club openings for Vivid. I’d say she’s keeping up her end of the bargain quite well. Enjoy.

Farrah Abraham Bikini Pictures Stars and Stripey from Fort Lauderdale

Being a young mom and all, you’re probably not going to see Teen Mom Farrah Abraham doing anything too risque visually speaking (I mean, outside of her Back Door Teen Mom sex tape and the occasional topless shoot, natch), but she does love herself the center of bikini attention in beach area photoshoots. And, to Farrah’s credit, she definitely keeps herself lean and mean in the bodily department, aided a bit by science, but she’s also definitely putting in some serious gym time and effort on her end as well.

I’m not sure if we’ll ever see Farrah baring all again, specifically in the lady action hero positions, but I wouldn’t bet against it either. Mommy’s got to pay the bills. I’m still watching. Enjoy.

Farrah Abraham Stretches To Play Whore On “Days Of Our Lives”

Like A Weiner Through Her Ass, So Are The Days Of Our Lives

Everyone’s favorite butt love lovin’ Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham, is making the jump from the porn screen to the small screen with a part on Days of Our Lives. What in the name of the evil Stefano could she possibly be qualified to play? A hooker named Destiny, of course! Abraham slutted her way to fame by getting pregnant as a teenager and parading her shame in front of MTV’s cameras on Teen Mom. She then made a sex tape with lots of anal action with James Deen. She now wants to find legitimate work in Hollywood, which is NEVER going to happen. She’s lucky that the producers of Days of Our Lives are desperate for anything to boost their ratings in the ever shrinking daytime American soap market. Because I spend my days writing articles like this for Egotastic! I’ll be home to watch the episode of Days. I’ll be back with my full review.

In the meantime, watch her audition tape above.