Fabiana Semprebom

Fabiana Semprebom Goes Sempreboom! For Despi Swimwear

Oh, Brazil, the cradle of all things bikini hot. Another bestowed gift in the form of ten year veteran model hottie Fabiana Semprebom showing off in one pieces and two pieces for Despi Swimwear.

If Fabiana doesn’t have the perfect female form for modeling bikinis, than I need to go back to my drawing board. Literally, I have a board where I sketch ladies bodies in swimsuits, or less, trying to sketch out my ideal. Not that there is one single ideal. There are a thousand. And Fabiana definitely fits more than one of them. Just so hot. I think I broke my pencil. Enjoy.

Fabiana Semprebom Bikinis Up for Brazilian Hot Model Glory

I’m just not sure where they keep producing these crazy hot Brazilian models. Just when you think, man, there’s no possible way there can be any more wicked sextastic Brazilian babes, blammo, Fabiana Semprebom.

The blonde Italian-Brazilian model sensation is showing off her ridiculously hot body for Vix Swimwear, reminding me that the epic line of Sudamericana hotness really is an endless linear path filled with sweet sultry curves. Fabiana is not the first blonde beauty to hail from Brazil, but she is my new current favorite. I wonder if she works birthday parties for semi-employed bloggers? I at least have to inquire. Enjoy.